Siptah is great!

Hey there. I´ve read through some threads here and the only thing that i can hear is mimi, everyone complains about everything.

  • No Thralls (mimimi)
  • Food does not heal (mimimi)
  • Enemies too strong (mimimi)


These are the most satisfiing things this update brought us, everything has a value now.

  • Named thralls are harder to get, means loosing one means something
  • fighting means planning ahead (do i really wanna take this fight now with low health?)
  • Stronger Enemies gives us much more exciting fights

But the majority of players in conan wants everything served on a silver, or better, a golden tablet, so they have 20 named thralls after 1 week, t3 walls everywhere on first day and bosses should never ever hit me harder than i can…
I am really excited about this update because it does everything right, the whole game feels more polished, more survival, more thinking ahead and more deaths. No matter if pve or pvp, the island of siptah feels good so far, please stick with the plan funcom, please!!!


Took a while to get into it but now think the new map is great.
The healing system is fine once you unlock the glowing aloe.

So far 10/10

i think the map is great and looks beautiful. hope in the future it gets even bigger and built on.
this is testing period so i quess people , including myself are making suggestions to make it better as we go along. i have not even settled down yet , still looking for that perfect spot lol
so thralls are not even on my radar :slight_smile:

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having a great time here! aside from ‘tweaking’ stuff, overall, happy with the direction they’re going.

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