First impressions on last update

PVE here.

i Don’t know what i welcome the most with this update, is it this new thralls leveling system or is it the fact that we FINALLY got the sound back in combat. Do you dear developpers realize how much such a simple feature adds to the enjoyement of the game. My god it was a long time i had not smiled that much in conan :smiley: so just wanted to say thanks for having fixed that. Moreover the people who gave their voice for this feature did a great job and have amazing voices, it was too bad to miss that for so long…

so now more precisely, what i liked:

  • the leveling system.
    the leveling curve of thralls seems to be well balanced for now and the stats of our thralls look interesting in the way some faction have a tendency to get more buff in one or 2 attubutes than others. can’t wait to check all factions and all tiers of npcs !!!

  • the food for thrall fix

  • a surprise for me : bigger stacks for many items (and finally, stackable night vision potions!)

  • the new animation when npcs are being hit ( i still have to get used to it but we can tell there is some kind of effort to bring more depth to npcs behaviours)

  • the dismiss option for thralls pets, was so much needed !!!

What i disliked:

  • the Momentum mechanic. i would be ok with it if we would gain a little buff in term of full speed ( as a counter part ) compared to what we had before, because now all we have is a debuff when we start running. In a game where farming is golden i’m not so sure it adds to the gameplay, except maybe for immersion.

  • the new roll/dodge system. now i feel like there is not advantage anymore in using light armor as i cannot get away from ennemies anymore which is really painfull when my entire playstyle was based on “not being hit”. yes maybe i’ll find it not as bad in a few weeks, but i highly doubt it.
    I killed some supposetely “easy boss” today like the croc boss, and oh my! this was not a joke, but was not really fun either. I Don’t even want to imagine fighting a daicas or spinas with my current setup as i’m sure i will get destroyed by the huge reach of their spear.
    Mark my words, with this new mechanic we will soon witness a heavy armor/ 1 handed weapon/ shield FEST happening on most official servers. Everyone has his opinion on this matter but for now i dislike it very much.

  • the new harvesting animation adds Nothing to the game in my opinion and will slow us down when farming stone and so on…

i think that’s all for now, i will maybe add some new things in a near future and tell you if i changed my minds about some of these points.

Anyway i appreciate all the work and effort put into this update.

Ah, by the way now that our followers DO LEVEL UP when they kill stuff (on follow ofc) i assume we finally get the xp from our followers kills? right? i mean when we are not max level yet… just for simple curiousity. THANKS


The thrall combat sounds should have been fixed when they fixed the temperatures for the blood and sand armors. It’s been basically two months of what seemed like a broken game because audio is fairly important to the entire experience.


Ok good to know, thanks Multigun

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