About Thralls , Feedback for Funcom

So far so good Funcom,

We are in a really good spot with the thralls as ive leveled and tested a variety across the board against end game content.

Did the Scorpion Queen with warparty spec and if i wouldnt have been fighting with them , they would be dead.

Same for the ritual keeper, if it wasnt for me they would be dead.

Tier III are weaker as they should be while named thralls are stronger for the end game content as they should be.

Keep it up- thank you.


It’s that dang poison. I still had some undead legion warriors stashed and will say the PVE content is a breeze with those and a could of stacks of brimstone (heals 9/sec and you can stack 500). Totally immune to poison

A good spot. A freaking easy boss any moron can kill solo, while half asleep, kills two top tier thralls. And that’s a good spot. Right. I’d even say it’s a feaking brilliant conclusion.

Like i said- you cant leave them alone to do it and requires your interaction as a player.

Before i would not do a thing and a dalinisia template would smoke any of them because of that hidden 4.1 damage modifier

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I don’t know if it was ever that high at some point @Akomo , but her multiplier was half that since I play Conan. She had a lower melee dmg multiplier than a Berserker and theirs didn’t got as high as 2.5.

You can’t have a mid tier boss killing 2 top tier thralls.
I know this is a specific case, because of the poison, but there are a lot of poisonous bosses on Conan. When Funcom did away with the survival attribute, I think they forgot that. People have been losing thralls like crazy.
I seldom take them with me, because I don’t want to worry about losing them. It’s not that they are worthless. Far from it. We can still land some very good thralls. But they are too much trouble for what they are worth when you can take 3 expendable zombies or 4 if you go war party.
I think that sucks. Thralls are still better than zombies, but they are a world of trouble to level and gear up. And for all that trouble, they aren’t really worth it.

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oh yeah - that last time i beat Thag- she was at 4.1 melee damage. And i was on a private server.

Now on officials i did it with thrall from noob river- Cira the mad and Dalinisia.

Some said that with the lower health pool , it couldnt be done- well i did it.

Ah, then she had the multiplier raised, @Akomo . It was more like 2.2 on official servers.

I’ve soloed Thag a few times, so that doesn’t amaze me. But there’s people who need thralls. Thag was nerfed, btw.
What I think is that thralls should still be a notch above. Not as powerful as they were, but a little bit better.
We lost diversity. Now, the only thralls that matter are rhts and zerkers.

Well you shouldnt be losing them with war party if your specced correctly. But once again it is player experience also.

I command my thralls to move away if necessary and i engage always.

The scorpion queen i did again with a 3750 health thrall and 5200 health thrall.

The key is you grabbing aggro periodically and not let the thrall take the brunt of the fighting like before or they will die from the stacks.

As ive said ive done thag before the nerf too- so nerfs arent a factor here

It is player positioning and command of your followers that is key

And for the record ive yet bring in a zerker or a rhts to any dungeon.

Ive completed all of them now without them

Oh, I’m not losing them. I barely use thralls for more than rp and base defense.
But I’ve read a lot of people complaining, and rightly so.

The thing is that we should have more diversity in thralls, not less. After the nerf, leveling and gearing thralls became more interesting, but at least they should have buffed other t4s that are now pretty much decorative. I think that empoverishes the game.

Yes, so did I. But this has nothing to do with the matter. There’s people who simply can’t and there’s content that will almost surely kill their thralls, even if they survive.
Listen, you know the game messes up. It’s not when everything goes well that you lose thralls. It’s when stupid shit happens. Lag spikes, lost connections, problems in path finding, wall glitches, etc, etc. Thralls used to survive because there was some tolerance due to their higher hp. Now, when these things happen, it’s not rare losing them. And we are talking about thralls that streched the game design to its limits. This shouldn’t happen, IMO.

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No it shouldnt actually happen but it does.

I was in Sunken City yesterday and my thralls disappeared.

My character is specced as a commander not a tank or dps build. So i left the dungeon and returned later on.

But seriously lets not even talk dungeons. Lets just talk world bosses. Before the health nerf i could DO NOTHING and my one thrall can take out a World boss by themselves. Even a DOT boss- this is the data that funcom sees on their end.

Now with DOT bosses in particular i have to help or they die.

Thats why they lowered the health overall.

AI with two thrall is crappy, they literally do nothing during battles

These happen regardless.
I had an undead purge recently, at a northern outpost with just two thralls guarding it, and the leveled thrall got stuck in a staircase and refused to fight, letting the undead dragon nearly destroy the whole outpost.
Also, I thought when you drop out of render range / die, the thrall stops fighting and goes into return mode?

I think the OPs feedback is on the money. Thralls were never supposed to be the main event, but the supporting cast, and now they are. I do not use war party, but if I do not engage, my thrall always takes more damage, since the third spec in Authority gives thralls healing per DPS.

The one thing I agree with you on is variety. Since 3.0, I live RHTS and Berserker, period. I have three Dalinisa’s but one is already at 20, and the other two are ugly, so I do not waste my time ( someday maybe ) lol.
I also have a variety of named thralls that I do not bother leveling, since they start out with such poor stats and low HPs.
Named thralls should be the “hero’s” of the story and merit higher HP than a tier three thrall.
I can take out my named bearers, some go as high as 18k HPs, but they hit like wet noodles, and take forever to kill something.
the point being, they need to boost some thralls HPs a little, to make them worthwhile companions. Otherwise they just end up being “Named” trophies standing around doing nothing.

Indeed, these bugs and glitches still happen, unfortunately. The problem is that with half the hp, and half the dmg multiplier, it’s easier to lose a thrall.

Yes, that’s right and they aren’t attacked until you enter render distance. In a dungeon like the Wine Cellar or the Warmaker this can be a problem. There are different reasons for that, one being that sometimes you run past enemies that stop chasing you that will be there when you are getting your stuff back. Or you may need to get new keys in the warmaker and you might kiss your thrall good bye, deppending of his location. But I read about people loosing them just by trying to get Gothrad on the mounds. All it takes is your thrall being attacked by a mob before wielding his weapon.
The volcano and the well of skelos also have very dangerous areas where you can lose a thrall if things get glitchy. Usually, you had enough time because they could tank for quite some time. Now, not so much. And thralls are a lot of work to lose because things like that.

See… I always considered this argument a load of crap. I’m convinced Funcom found this excuse to push new content, zombies. Easy to get, great tanks, poor fighters. My gripe with that argument is that thralls only were the main protagonist if you performed a lot of intentional actions leading to that result.
Nobody forced anyone to:
a) search for the best thralls in the game;
b) capture the best thralls in the game;
c) level the best thralls in the game to 20 which, with one exception, was a really slow and boring process;
d) feed the best thralls in the game the most appropriate food to maximize their growth in each roll;
e) craft high end armor for the best thralls in the game;
f) craft high end weapons for the best thralls in the game;
g) give thralls food and buffs;
h) take said thralls with you.

So, if after all those steps a player blamed the game for having very powerful thralls, while ignoring all his actions that lead him to have those thralls as strong as they were, while all the time he could have opted out, he should learn the meaning of the word accountability! :smile:

People only had strong thralls because they wanted them. They could have always opted out. Nobody was forcing them to have such thralls. So, it’s totally on them. They could have played the game without capturing a single fighter thrall or just getting low tier ones. But no. They imposed the consequences derived from the results of their lack of self restraint to everyone. Now, people who actually died even with such strong thralls stopped playing parts of the game. And we shouldn’t get to tell them how they play a sandbox game when their playstyle doesn’t affect our own game in any way or fashion. Just because I don’t need a strong thrall, I don’t have to impose my playstyle on others and that’s what happened. The exception to this is pvp. On pvp, you actually needed the best thralls, because others would get them, but they were there, available to everyone, so even in this case the point is kind of moot.

I agree with all the rest. :wink:


The problem with your thrall theory is that we, the players, had such weak stats we needed thralls if we played solo. Now we can build ourselves up to be the tank.
Having 300 HPs was just unacceptable to me, I now have almost 1k HPs.

Before thrall limits I used to keep around a lot of thralls that were just aesthetically pleasing, but after thrall limits I was forced to choose, so I had to go with the best. Then the best ( with a few exceptions) got nerfed into the void. Still I am okay with that, and prefer the new ways to the pre 3.0 ways.

Thralls were never meant to be the super heroes of the game. The gradual improvements to thralls went a bit too far, making them invincible.

So what if you lose a thrall occasionally, it is not like there are not a gazzillion more to tame.
I do not believe for one second that FC went this path just to promote zombies. Saying nobody forced anybody to capture and tame thralls is rediculuous as it is an integral part of the game.

Amusing how you claim PVP is the exception, yet that is where all of the nerf crying about Tiemos came from, so your “They imposed the consequences derived from the results of their lack of self restraint to everyone”. Has no merit.
This was an adjustment that needed to be made, to make the players relevant again. It is that simple.

I soloed all content. No thralls, no friends, just me.
So, that’s not exactly a theory when you prove it yourself. It becomes a fact. So, should I force every player to a difficulty that meets my personal standards? See the point?
Now it’s easier. But many people complain it is still too hard and they need better thralls? Who am I to tell them otherwise if their playstyle doesn’t hurt mine in the slightest way?


I know. It pissed off too. But I never cared much about Teimos anyway, so they could have nerfed him to oblivion. It’s what Funcom did to all thralls that disgusted me. I will never forgive them. Almost stopped playing Conan for good. :smile:

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