Long time player - have returned after a hiatus - some thoughts - specifically on Siptah

Firstly I have to say - damn there have been some nice QOL changes that have gone in since I played last. My last activity was checking out Siptah on release and while I enjoyed it and found it a refreshing experience compared to the 1500 or so hours I’d clocked on the original map, it felt lacking.

I was not a fan of the wild surge mechanics nor the grind needed to purposely launch Surges. I appreciated that Funcom experimented with new systems, but to me it just felt like a cheap solution to not having thrall villages/camps/towns.

This new overall of Thrall locations is quite honestly, fantastic. At first I thought it’d be a bit of a half-assed attempt to fix a problem, but can say it doesnt feel like that at all.

What’s more - now that thralls reliably use combos on all weapons, some of these camps have been a serious challenge. I’m not just running in and facerolling through them, I’m having to be methodical.

I LOVE the introduction of traps and interactive elements like jailors/cages and digging graves. I havent been able to find a shovel yet but love the idea they’re a thing. These new additions on top of looking for chests to loot adds some serious interest. I’ve also come across a variety of elite thralls in these camps - some of which have been no joke.

I’ve explored a handful of camps so far and each one has been interesting, varied and most of all, felt like they should have been there. In addition, it’s nice to find small clusters of thralls - such as in the half wreck of a ship, where previously it was just a chest.

These additions have made Siptah far more comparable as an experience to the original map. I’ve played Conan from the first day of early access so have seen it evolve. I remember the pass the devs made to the original map on the 1.0 release - where thrall and creature placement was 100% improved. This pass to SIptah is comparable to that IMO and has made a substantial difference. I hope the map can evolve even further.

The other thing I wanted to mention were the QOL changes. Things such as - being able to make a waterskin but having the twine auto-build - omg! Such a minor, insignifigant change but so good.

And ALL hotbar items and armour returning to their original positions upon looting - omg this change is the best. This is one thing that ARK had (with hotbar items returning) which gave it a leg over Conan on the functionality front. So happy to see this in Conan.

Also love seeing my weapon on my back - surprised how much of a difference this makes to the overall character appearance. Have noticed thralls are performing a lot better as followers too - in particular their unsheathing of weapons (and appearing on their backs) is a first.

Being able to pick up building pieces has also been a game-changer. Have already made extensive use of this functionality. Hopefully soon the pieces can return to the hotbar rather than just going into the inventory, but loving having this in the game.

Anyway kudos for continuing to work on the game. These changes and additions are fantastic to experience.


Welcome back Decado and I am glad you are enjoying yourself. It is refreshing to hear someone talk about the positive changes implemented recently as they really have been quite nice and helpful. Things like how the twine auto crafts when you go to make a water skin, that works in benches too. When you go to make a piece of armor if it auto make the (light/medium/heavy) padding as long as you have the mats for it in the bench. Really super convenient and a time saver.

I hope you have many more hours of enjoyment to come!


Wow didn’t know about the benches making padding like that hadn’t made armor since update thanks for the tip Oduda.


I did not know about the new autocrafting either, I thought it was a bug. . . lol.

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Man did NOT know about the auto creation of padding, THAT is a good one!


With twine it has a little cog icon beside the ingredient - wasnt sure what this meant initially until I made a water skin and it auto turned fiber into twine and i was like, hell yes!


Here is a screenshot of the armor bench showing the padding auto creation. :grin:


I knew about it, but I still make them separately, and when they are done, THEN I start crafting armor. :laughing:
Old habits die hard I guess.


Understand that :100: :ok_hand:


Found another cool change - i’m certain this is new (to me anyway) - you can drag equipment over to the thralls portrait (ie the gear screen) and it automatically replaces whatever they have equipped. Swear it used to need to be manually removed then added into the slot specifically.

Whether new or not, this is makes re-equipping so much better!


IMO the biggest and best change is being able to pick up and put back in inventory building pieces. This is huge! I just moved a whole building to a different spot without losing a single piece.


Aye, this is a great feature. People may remove pieces like I did that are not necessary or relocate or redesign. Prior to the patch, why would you normally remove building pieces otherwise since you lose the piece (and only get a fraction of the materials back).


Yeah this change is massive. Already building a base I’ve been able to re-model it to a crazy degree- just fixing little issues with the building system, like pieces facing the wrong way etc. SO nice not having to grind the extra mats.

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