Loving the new update

Loving the new update. Makes PvE and PvP feel much more balanced. No more dagger spams and it seems to be more skill based than “build” based now. Keep up the good work.

Since this is a “war” update, any chance you can give us better defenses against offline raiding? Not so much offline raid protection but make it so the thralls actually do something?

I was thinking, 1 - Make thralls harder to kill within a certain radius of where they’re guarding. The horses run away from damage yet thralls just stand there like fools. 2 - Give us a “weapons locker”. Think Thrall pot but with arrows. 3 - Hot oil cauldrons need to…I don’t know…do something? Thrall operated and you should be able to dump hot oil that burns for a long time.

How is that?

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Now, it’s a PvP fight is more about how skilled you are versus who made the better weapon and armor. You could have better armor or weapons but if I’m better at managing my stamina and health, then I can beat you. Before it was, stun lock and boom. Done. Also, I’ve noticed PvP fights last longer because people are more careful at their attacks than just button spamming. The PvE fights are also more fun. It’s nice to not get attacked by 50 AI when I’m across the camp from others. They do hit harder but again, better management of the fight will win the fight.

What about, different attributes and buffs.
Can skill still help, if you run farming build and you get across someone who has combat build?

I only wish thralls can reacat to gas like any normally intelligent individual will do when they smell something fishy in the air. They do have a brain!

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Yes. I ONLY run farming builds but I’m also built to fight. Or at least, put up a fight.

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