Thrall Archer Useless

Updates were done on archer thralls because archers used to be snipers. Now their agro range is way too close. Also, they take a long time to react. My suggestions:

1st Suggestion
-Increase range between 1.5-2x
-Make archers respond more instantly. at max range.
-If someone is sniping and archer can’t shoot back, make AI to get them in cover (and crouch possibly), out of player’s line of sight. Then when player goes comes into range, they go back to their previous position to shoot.

2nd Suggestion (Simpler)
-You don’t do damage to thralls outside their own agro range.


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Yah something need to be done.

I actually did an @jens erik on discord and he acknowledged it was something they need to look into. Hopefully theres change soon.

Mine just stand on the balcony like Caesar watching me battle it out.

Yeah its bad. When I tested it, I had to get enemy close to melee range before they agro

Yes, same here. It would be nice to see them actually defend larger bases to a moderate range versus waiting till the attacker is already there.

Was hoping to take one raiding with me as the lack of attribute points available means I have to sacrifice a couple of skills to get a high enough level on the important ones. Accuracy was going to be one of them.

Archer thralls in a base should shoot at trespassers at a distance. Sure, give PC’s slightly greater range but Thralls should engage unalighed PC’s at a pretty long range if they are archers. They should aggro in the same way as NPC’s - If a player that isn’t in your clan comes close within about 20 squares they should start firing at the enemy PC or if they are melee they should charge the trespasser.

The way thralls work now there is no way to defend tier 1 or 2 bases. I think in tier 3 you get anti-climbing spikes but for tier 1 or 2 bases you are pretty much helpless.

What I see happening in the future of this game is in a few months there will be no way to progress in this game on a PvP server unless you join a clan that has a tier 3 base already established. There is nothing to prevent anyone from climbing your tier 2 walls. At least if you had some archers that shoot on sight they could shoot climbers, or attack a climber as soon as he got up the wall when their endurance is low. But now an invader can climb the wall, take a breather, have a cup of tea, then take out the thralls one by one with nice long meal breaks in between to keep their health up.

It’s possible to use 0 stamina when climbing, though.

It’s possible to use 0 stamina when climbing, though.

I haven’t learned that trick yet but still - sure, Thralls shouldn’t be OP or a 100% defense against everything in every situation but they should have some kind of use. The way they are now I actually can’t think of a way to use them at all in a base defense.

Advanced flexibility kit on climbing gloves, climbing boots, any light chest and any light leg armor. You don’t need it on a light helm but you do on a medium.

You can now climb any height without a stamina cost.

But yeah, thralls suck right now.

It really is a pain, hopefully this game doesn’t go in that direction but if we look at history, most survival games get taken over by big clans. Rust, Ark, Ect.

If any of y’all wanna see a vid I posted showcasing problems it’s right here: Fix Thrall AI of Archers/Fighters (Video)

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That’s one problem.

I just watched one of my archers and an NPC archer duel. They both stood still shooting a tree for five minutes before I intervened.

!!! I had a similar problem. An archer of mine was trying to shoot a fighter npc, was just shooting at the floor.

all fighter thralls are useless and basically just decorations atm

They did some stuff in testlive.