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Can someone tell me where I can offer my suggestions to the developers on my thoughts about nerfing the thralls?.
Anyhow, I heard someone saying that the last live stream they mentioned they wanted the players to be the heroes not the thralls, and people are assuming they are going to nerf them. So I wanted to give my thoughts from a two member clan in official pvp server and why I am against the nerf. This is our only half assed line of defense against larger clans when we get raided. Everyone knows that they don’t attack right, they can get hit from arrows at a distance and just stand there. They get stuck on things, float in the air if a ceiling is removed blah blah. They stand at the shore when you are in the water and do nothing as they get beaten up and attacked, people exploit this. So what i am saying they are not great, they work sometimes, sometimes they do what they are directed to. So why nerf them?, for the smaller clans they sorta help us. We don’t want to see them take the damage down, we would like to see a few of these issues with them fixed though. Thanks.

So you don’t get one shot kill when they attack you…

Oh course I have been hit once, and died by them but this is not always the case. Maybe if they have a sword of crom yes, but usually it takes 2 to 3 hits if they have a decent weapon on them. It all depends on your armour as well, and how your attributes are.
They have really stupid A.I. so if they work they are brilliant, but mostly they do something silly like shoot arrows at walls. So why nerf when they are not so smart yet. For the little guys who are trying to survive in PVP against large clans as I said above they help to compensate just a little bit.

They’re also making them smarter. In fact, the first step is to make them smarter, and any possible reductions in stats will come after that.

Archers in particular seem worse off than the fighter archtype.
My archers dont carry arrows as they will shoot in opposite direction or do what the OP mentioned.

Nerf em dont nerf em, doesnt matter to me since the damage from their weapon should stay the same as is their protection with armor.

Is there any difference between archers and fighters? I mean, given equal stats and levels, if you give 'em each a sword, do they fight the same and do the same damage? If you only give them each a bow, same deal?

So far a fighter is better at managing a truncheon than the archer who seem to just stand there not knowing what to do with said truncheon.

As far as stats go i havent crunched the numbers.

There are differences between factions, “class” types, tiers and even individuals. There’s a good amount of information regarding thralls and their combat abilities in the Wiki, inked HERE. It lists only T4 ones, so the “hidden” multipliers etc. may vary on lower tiers. But the basic idea is, each thrall has a separate bonus for melee and ranged damage, and they don’t always correspond to their classes - there are some archers with a higher melee than ranged damage bonus, but the difference seems to be pretty minor, usually.

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