Thralls and thrall archer

are people still using the thralls and the thrall archers and something i dont under stand archers can only shoot 50 meter but they are long range weapon!!

i have seing sometimes when the enemy coming to close to the area the archers steppes back cannot see the enemy, i feeling the thralls are so useless to the game unless you have a tier 4 thralls, and i hope there will soon gonna be something there gonna change the game so we can use the thralls agian

and after some thrall archers have killed a animals or enemy they walk over the wall and stand on the ground and cannot walk thrug gates and stairs.

Thrall Archers getting increased range really won’t make them any better. They would likely miss their targets and even if they didn’t the damage they do over time is negligible.

I would give some examples on how they could fix Archers a bit, but the system at its core isn’t really working when talking about thralls in general. They need a ground up rehash.

The game has come a long way with thralls, from coming off the wheel wearing junk armor you could not change, and standing in attack pose all day.

Now you can level them at least, they do not stay in attack mode, and you can give them decent weapons and armor. You can also adjust agro range, follower distance, and attack style.

In general 99% of my thralls work as intended. Every once in awhile an archer will come off the wall or tower, and I have to reset them, but I also have had archers that have never moved in years from their placement. If they are backing up, you need to set them to stand and defend.

Some of the minor issues I have seen :
Thralls using shields block too much.
Every once in a while my follower stops and has to be prompted to move.
Thrall attack range includes vertical, and is annoying when my thrall stares at the ceiling in the Unamed City. Every time I go there I have to set his range lower. ( And whoever put that guy on top of the pillar at Murielas needs a time out. )
Thralls consume power food way too fast. I load my follower up with 100 pork and it is gone after two or three fights.
Thralls will only do light attacks with certain weapons.

Most of these are minor things, more annoying than game breaking. I would not say it needs a complete ground up, but definitely a minor overhaul.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but when you say they are working as intended, I heavily believe that is an opinion out of ignorance. But again do NOT take that as an insult because it isn’t your fault. To find many of the irregularities with thralls, we’ve had to use console commands and devkit analyzations.

For the layman user, they’ll never see the issues. They won’t even know they are issues.

Specifically with Archer Thralls, if you have a Freya or a Varpnir, both named Nordheimer archers, they require over 60 Accuracy to do the same damage with the same weapon as a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker archer or Markos with 0 Accuracy.

And if anyone thinks this isn’t a big issue. Look at all the threads about perks that popped up. It took me several threads to finally get the general community to finally realize how pointless worrying about perks actually is. The best perks, the best armors, and the best growth rates all turned out to be entirely negligible.

How many people in the last year have gone through several thralls trying to get the best perks only to find out that was more or less a waste of time. All for an extra 2-3 points of damage per hit (for archers in this case).

There’s alot of systems and tables and UI delegated to systems that don’t matter. This is a major issue. You’ve said this for example:

And I hate to say outside of some extra HP and armor, and the ability to dress your thralls. Everything else is a placebo. The perks, the leveling (outside of HP and Survival), the food, the buffs. Its all gives very little.

When added together, sure you might see a slight increase in effectiveness. A slight one. But it isn’t worth the effort, the time, and the RNG.

The reason for this is Thralls were overbuffed, then brought back down. Then like two or three systems were tacked on, but not well thought out in how they interact with one another.

But there has been word on something of a major change coming in the future, so the devs ARE aware there is a design issue, and no I don’t think its gonna make it in 3.0, but I could be wrong on that. I think 3.0 has another focus. But that’s all speculation concerning that update.

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Do not take this the wrong way, but I just play this game for amusement and to kill some time once in awhile.
I am not into the secret handshake and the mysteries of the devkit. I know you see the Matrix but most of us just see a game.
Also, do not misquote me again please. I said MY thralls work 99% as intended. What others perceive could be on the other end of the spectrum. Have a nice day, Tesla.

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If you play the game in the manner you claim to. Then a thrall overhaul won’t affect you in the slightest. So you have nothing to worry about.

I never implied I was worried. I made a simple comment on how I saw the thrall progression and the minor glitches I have personally experienced. We are done here, yes?

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Yep, same here. Do I hope they will gain in function with future updates? Sure.
Can I use them as they are intended to affect a strategy right now today? Absolutely!

I have four bulwarks about 3 blocks high in most places with T3 archer teams on top “lead” by a single named T4 archer each, then some fighters on the ground at the base of the wall. It works the treat against an invading purge. The archers are able to kill 30 to 40% of the invading hosts besides crippling the majority of the others for the ground fighters take care of more easily. The only time an archer dies is if the purge spawns right on top of the wall - which has actually happened. :crazy_face: It’s a bunch of fun to watch! And in all honesty, T4 archers are not even needed!

As to why only 50 meters, this is supposedly ancient times and even as late as a few hundred years ago bows are short range weapons - under 20 meters for sure! Or to act as a lobbing hail (which was actually quite uncommon - except for in the movies - for some very specific period-film reenactments and even those were likely around or less than 50m). Go to a rifle range (err, a bow range) and look and the 50m targets… you need a spotting scope to even see a arrow at that range. Archers competing in the Olympics with their fancy compound bows and perfectly finished arrows are shooting targets only 77 meters from the toe-line. Most common intermediate ranges are under 30m and the indoor ranges (which are really common these days) are populated primarily with 20m target sets. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m sure it’s the same guy who put The Watcher on the bridge piece above the Red ■■■■■. (wow, is muth@ a curse word??)

Actually he glitched up there lol. I was like really FC? But when I went back he was not there. My follower was keyed on him up there, and was just standing there staring up while the other NPCs beat on him, lol.

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It is horrible to fight with him now (and other enemies that are on some elevated, small areas). He swings, he is down. The time I climb down and get my thrall to come down to me, he resetted up again. Then climbing up again, etc., etc., etc…

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