Thralls, Archers & AI

Archers & AI
As far as I have watched thrall archers, I can comment, their range is short even when they are on high ground, and their aim is bad. Example:

Case I: Built a structure (fortress like) of 2.5 blocks (circa), near a cave were exiles spawn, to the left before a clif there are some hienas near a big tree, my archer “detected” the hiena and shooted multiple times (many many times) and didnt hit even once.

Case 2: I built a wall (1 block tall) and a purge targeted my settlement, the exiles of the purge destroyed the stonebrick foundation of the wall and left my archer flying, while he keept destroying my wall and the archer nor falled, nor moved, nor attacked.

Case 3: I built a bridge with a gate with doble door (gate door, drawbridge door), the exiles from the purged focused the foundation blocks of the bridge, while my archers top of 2 towers (of 5 blocks tall) didnt knock any arrows, their distance was around 8-6 blocks.

I know this was aimed to be MMO and solo player or vs AI aint a Main priority, however one think that I liked they do think about solo players like me, and made “sever” configurable, it would be nice if they twick archers aim and add a slidder to increase/decrease archers range.

Also that archers move more around to hit targets. Or even if we could set patrols so thrall guards move along this and strike enemies they find.

Maybe its a little bit complicated and not a necesary thing. But If could be merchants or enemies.

New Thrall system, Level ups and Stats. Currently if we want a better thrall we have to find it and capture it (then named thralls are the best).

**Suggestion: **
Levels and Stats: Thralls are divided in 4 Tiers, but a Tier 1 Thrall will always be T1. And if we have a T4 Thrall and its killed we have to go hunting for him again. So instead each Tier to have 10 levels, and once reach lvl 10 of that tier, to have the option to upgrade to the next tier via training station.

Exp system: When they kill, gather or do some action they recieve exp. So crafter thralls recieve exp for crafting things in their stations. Exp can be used to purchase skills upgrades. In other words T1: 1 Skill, T2: 2 Skills, T3: 3 Skills, T4: 4 Skills, each skill has 4 lvls.

New station: Training station for thralls, that gives them lvls and upgrades tiers.

Stats and Feats: Each lvl rises stats and each tier upgrade gives a skill up to 4 skills per thrall. Skills:


  • Defender: Increase armor rate by 12/25/36/50%
  • Colossus: Increase health by 12/25/36/50%
  • Berserker: Increase attack rate by 5%(max. 10%) per 20%(max. 10%) of missing health
  • Strong Arm: Increase damage by 12/25/36/50%


  • Deft: Increase fire rate by 12/25/36/50%
  • Eagle eye: Increase range by 12/25/36/50%
  • Steady arm: Increase acuraccy by 12/25/36/50%
  • Gifted: Increase critical rate by 12/25/36/50% (can be used by fighters too)


  • Genious: Increase created item stats by 5/10/15/20%
  • Resourceful: Decrease used resources by 5/10/15/20%
  • Artisian: Unlocks upgraded gear 1/2/3/4

This are just some ideas that could be used in game, to improve it. Hopefully devs or modders could get some inspiration.


Thrall Archer AI is completely garbage the need to break contact after not doing damage for two or three shots, in a PVP environment players use the archers to cheese the thrall AI system in order to kill the rest of the thralls without being attacked. The Archer AI needs a complete riewer.

I have hundreds of videos on this topic, this is one of those things that’s highly frustrating to me periods unfortunately the Developers will never get around to fixing it

I forgot to mention, but would be nice to have emotes (as tokens/items like StraysThralls), so we have a lively base with permanent emotes.

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