Fix the damn Archer thralls

There’s no way to defend anything while you’re offline without them. All mine ever do is shoot at mountains continuously. I even made them towers with spikes under them to protect them, and they just shot at mountains while I got raided. I’m 100% done until this braindead AI is fixed.

I think the reason why the archers do not shoot up or down is because it would make escaping some thralls nearly impossible. It would also making fighting some of the thralls nearly impossible. Some key examples would be if you run the age of calamitous mod with the tougher mobs - the elven archers = would be a nightmare.

At this point if they cant fix archer thrall AI, just make them ignore building collision(your own buildings only) or if possible, just the fence pieces.

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I set my archer on 5 wedges atop a pillar place them surrounded by crenelations. Works against white tiger and spider purge in the savanna. They stay put and shoot down.

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Have to use the crenelated walls last i remember. If you put a fence, it screws up their line of sight. May have changed, but that has been the case before.

I think the only thing they can shoot down from are crenelated walls as the guy above said - even if they have open space in front of them, they dont seem to be able to shoot down unless via those particular t3 fences. In saying that - they’re still pathetic most of the time. About the only way to have effective archer thralls is to have them on open ground and in large numbers. They can still be picked off, but have you found a decayed base with its floating thralls in the air and tried to kill one? Even using default flint arrows they are NASTY in numbers - super damaging. It’s a shame base defender thralls in proper positions arent remotely as effective.

Strangely enough I don’t have this issue is single player - I have placed archers on the wall and they shoot Purge NPC just fine. They wount shoot at the targets directly below them, but this can be easily solved by placing some spikes at the bottom of the wall.

P.S. I was just wandering do fighter NPC, armed with bows, still do more damage, then dedicated Archers ?

Are crenelated walls an actual piece are are you guys just lining your walls with wedges?

I play a ranged-heavy character atm, and tbh… I had trouble shooting over a fence, 1rst or 3rd person. It’s at JUST the wrong place. You wind up with a deadzone you just can’t shoot at because the arrow will get caught in your fence.

I started putting wedges on top of the walls instead of fences… so it looks like a saw tooth. That actually works pretty well. If you crouch you can actually hide behind the wedges, too. Unless you made your character in the third category of tall lol. If you’re that large you just present a great head shot opportunity, lol!

Crenelated walls are in feats I believe they are with the hot oil dropping thingy can not recall what it’s called.


Reinforced Stone Crenelated Wall
Reinforced Stone Crenelated Wall\ 128x128
Crenelated walls for placing siege cauldrons and archers
Type BuildingItem
Insulation Type Heat
Health 70000
Max Stack 100
Weight 1.50
ID 90223

Siege Cauldron
Siege Cauldron\ 100x100
Level 35 Cost 4
Icon t3 foundation.png\ 64x64 Icon Blank.png\ 64x64 Icon Blank.png\ 64x64


also comes in black Ice and DLC variations.

Does seigel cauldron even work. Have not tried it in a long time

yes, and no. Yes in that it causes the climber to fall, no in that no one online raids lol. Maybe against a purge of humans (as i have seen them climb).

I will have to put some in my arena and spawning some npcs give them a oil bath😀

Offline raids are weak as hell. I never understand “PVPers” who go out of their way to only fight when there is no challenge and victory is assured.

I like the contest inherent in PVP. Not just… buttheads ganking each other and stomping on each other’s legos.

This is why I don’t public server, tbh.


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