Parkour boxing archer thralls

Need some help with how to fix whatever’s going on with my Archers. I’ve got them on the second storey of my base with no walls or anything impeding them. I’ve got arrows in their inventory. Every purge I’ve had my archers leap off the edge and punch on with the enemies. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong lol :joy: any tips?

Just checking cause it wasn’t mentioned in your post, do they have bows?

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They are all t4 from the volcano so all have Dragonbone gear from spawn.

Are they behind crenellations? I’ve found that if they’re behind the regular fence they either don’t shoot enemies, or just hit the fence. I would try to trap them on a perch so there is no access down. I also give them a secondary weapon, so they’re not just using their fists- usually daggers.

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Basically the third level of my base is supported by columns, there are no walls no crenellations nothing at all impeding a shot. They all have bows, arrows and a melee weapon in their inventory. They just wanna punch everything I guess. My archers have anger issues :man_shrugging:t2:

Eh, maybe they’re just dumb. I have archers that don’t shoot sometimes, but I’ve also been noticing lately that no more than 3-4 of my thralls will attack at once. My base is right next to a reaper queen, and I’ve been farming her with my thralls. The archers on the second balcony almost never shoot, and between the 8-10 fighters and archers I have below, most of the time only 3-4 go in for attack. After she’s dead, they all come running over like they’re gonna do something :joy:


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