Thralls lack motivation

Not sure what I’m missing but my thralls often seem to stand there doing nothing when they should be attacking.

I could be fighting 2 hyenas (not a big deal, but still), and an archer thrall with a direct sight will do absolutely nothing.

Already been wiped out by 1 purge, and another one coming soon. How can I ensure my thralls will actually respond and defend/attack?

I’ve even removed any fences from front of archers as they weren’t firing at all. That seems to have helped a little, but still seems like they really couldn’t care less most of the time.

Anything I can do? Is this a known bug?
I have both Archer I and Archer III thralls with plenty of arrows and bow loaded.

ps. Meanwhile, the floating thralls unrelated to my base with nothing to defend seem to attack every ostrich without fail. A bit unnerving with purges lurking around the corner.:exploding_head::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Most essentially, you’re testing it out. People often don’t do that, then they hope the purge will operate differently. Which usually ends in tears.

Fundamentals out of the way: an archer needs a loaded bow. Put the bow in his hand, until he accepts it, then give him a good melee weapon in his inventory bar. That’s all he needs. Kite a hyena back to his proximity, allow it to hurt you and then see if he fires. Sometimes you need to break it down to the simplest parts first, then scale it up. The problem with archers is occasionally they need to have a bow forced into their hands to get them “weapons ready.” After that, they usually switch reliably.

To get them to fire down from a platform, use crenelated walls. Better yet, place a ceiling tile outward of your archer position, put the archer onto that, then put crenelated wall on all four sides. Then you’ll have an archer position that can fire down toward your base. Good luck, and happy preparing! I have survived a few silent Legion purges in my absence, but it took a lot of T3 archers and a bunch of melee on the ground.


Honestly i think this purge is the worse! Whyle the idea isn’t that bad the execution was the most stupidity i found in this game ever! I’d never seen in my entire life a hiena destroying a stone wall! This will never happen in real life because teeths cannot destroy rocks! Even a horse know that you need SIEGE MACHINERY to destroy walls so where is immersion and realism in this purge? And why this purge seems to focus in offline players mostly? What’s the other purppose of this purge other than destroying things that you’ve spent a huge ammount of time and effort to accomplish? I don’t know about others but me i play in PVE to have PEACE. Conan Exiles is a good game; it could be perffect if the devs really wanted it. All that is needed is a little more care and attention to what is and what isn’t good for the only ones that really matters for any game: players.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Implementing and testing some more. Hopefully they’re ready when the time comes. Definitely need to get more.

First purge was a bit harsh to log in and realize everything was gone, but I’m much more motivated to build up proper defenses now. It’s kind of nice to have that motivation.
Some tweaks might be nice though.

  1. Make sure Thralls are functioning as intended. It would be really frustrating to learn a purge wiped me out and thralls just stood there.
  2. The next purge seems to be coming pretty fast. My meter is already pretty much there (if I understand it correctly)
  3. Maybe a bit more predictability? I’d really love to be online when a purge happens. It would just be fun to participate in the fight. Unfortunately, I simply can’t guarantee I’ll be online 4 hours every night. Real life just wouldn’t allow it.
    Also, with more predictability, maybe someone like Sonek4 who may not necessarily be in it for the purges has a better chance of recruiting help from other players. It’s PvE, we’re the kinds of players who would absolutely step up to help if able.

I have more ideas on how to build the best defensive structures that I’ll work on, so maybe this will all become a moot point for me, but overall a destructive feature can lead to a lot of frustration if so it really needs to be working properly.

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