What happened to the Archer Thralls?

I played in Early Access and, for sure, the danger level of the mobs was insane. Hyenas were the bane of my existence and god forbid an archer see you before you saw them. I remember feeling genuinely safe when I lined my base walls with archers because they actually hit their targets like they knew how to use a bow.

I recently came back and started playing on an official server. Loving a lot of the new content, for sure. Yet my archer thralls have been noticeably, dishearteningly dumbed down. They keep trying to shoot down through the edges of whatever they stand on and they rarely, rarely hit their target now (I’m talking all tiers, here). What’s worse is that this is even only when they actually decide to stop trying to run along the walls and all over the place before finally pulling out their bow and even trying to shoot at all. I was even climbing up a cliff edge (slowly) and all the archers were missing me. You have to try to suck that bad with a bow.

What happened? I even tried putting them on a wedge so they can’t move, thinking it would force the AI to rely on ranged attacks but to no avail. They either just stand there or they freak out trying to run somewhere when the enemy is right in front of them. Is anyone else having this problem? Can we get our old archer AI back?


Only about 4 of them will actually shoot at the target. The rest will jockey for position in case one of those shooting dies.they will not step over crenelations and can be very effective if they have a target to hit. Watching how the purge attacks my base has shown some of the flaws in its design. I have been making changes to see if I can reduce the weaknesses they purge has shown me.

Dude, if there’s a way to place them right or something and you find out please let me know. I am also testing different placements and gear sets trying to get some kind of anything from these guys. Even if there are only 2 on a straight line wall and the enemy is well within view with an open shot, they will just run around and smack into each other and maybe launch off one or two poorly aimed shots before running around again. They were incredibly deadly to begin with and now they are painfully underwhelming. It feels like even player archery got nerfed. (damage wise)

If it’s a matter of learning to play better I get that but they feel genuinely broken at the moment.

Yes archers need work. They should match the range of the one shooting at them, also if they could path to the edge of what their standing on to get in line of target it would do wonders. I do believe thralls is something they have plans to improve and add to over the next patches😊

about archers;
i own 15 right now… how come i only have 4 shooting arrows???
they are lined up correctly armed and arrowed to perfection yet 4/15 fire arrows… if i have to math this down it owuld mean that our defenses are based on
4 archers 4 melee thralls and ‘‘MAYBE’’ 4 pets on each sides of our base.


if thats the case thralls are just useless. IRL 15 guards with bows = 15 guys shooting an arrow to you. and not 15 guys asking each othyer whos going to shoot 4 arrows


Ye this needs to be adressed and add thrall commands as well ^^

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