Acher thrall defender's

I built a base. A wall around and scattered archers on this wall with fence panel. There behaviour was quite choppy, sometimes firing and dropping of wall.

Phase 2 I raised platforms above the walkways and again scattered archers on it. They was 3 pillars high.
Again they sucked and failed to engage enemies.

Phase 3 I place thrall on ceiling on a pillar, deleted so now they look like statues. But they didn’t drop off and they engaged the enemies so.

So the question is do the fence and floors interfere that much they bug out archer thralls ? Would they function better if all fence was the piece with the drop in middle?
A way to enable them to get back to posts when knocked off all thralls and pets don’t return properly? Elephants cause this with there attacks and ability to glitch up into your base. The main issue is they are getting knocked outside the base.

Thanks for any advice given

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