Archer thralls falling off platforms


Anyone else noticing archer thralls either not attacking or just falling off platforms even with fence around them?

Its like having a bunch of lemmings as a defence force at the moment.

most other things animations new weapons etc are second to this as its game-breaking. At the moment we are creating pens to contain the ones that decide to go AWOL.

Anyone got this problem on their server


Ya, they fall through the floors sometimes for us.

Thanks for the reply, I noticed this is happening to others in bugs list too.

Someone suggested 3 floors high archers don’t fall/walk off but even with crenelated fences and higer floor level than that they go like lemmings. I actually saw one look like they used a jet pack flying through he air and landing over the ‘puppy pen’ put in place to catch them

I noticed that my archers jumped down from their safe platforms, so I removed their secondary melee weapon, that seemed to do the trick for me :slight_smile:

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