Archer thralls are all gone

Had 12-14 freya archers over my structure and they’re all gone since patch. Anyone seen this, really ■■■■■■■ me off, takes forever to wheel them.

Yeah happened to me too. I replaced a structure and then my thralls were gone. They apparently glitched through the floor and fell to their death and some got stuck in a foundation. I was even able ro recreate the bug, while I was searching my thralls. Yay!

I lost a few archers too. But they died honorable in the name of progress, so that I may upgrade their peers in khitan armor and weaponry!

They died in honor, so that we may ascend to the volcano and create flawless obsidian weapons!

Many will take the place of the fallen. But they will never be forgotten!

There is a bug where thralls will fall thru the floor and get stuck inside the foundations. Sometimes they come back after a server restart… sometimes you have to fish them out yourself

It’s one of the most annoying and persistant bugs since launch

Don’t do anything drastic. Be around for when your server restarts, and grab as many of them as you can. Usually they reappear for a short time before jumping down to below the “surface” and into a block. Set them on solid earth, and never put them back where you lost them.

Alternatively, you can probe around the sub-surface holding your E key. I have had moderate success, but it often requires removing foundation blocks. If they’re not in your event log, they can still be retrieved.

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