Leveling Thralls

since the purge is re-introduced/got a remake we need a lot more good thralls, and especially for archers i find it hard and way to time consuming to level those thralls to 20.
can we maybe get a system that while a purge is active your thralls in the attacked base level for kills they do, without having them to follow you? for example i have 20 archers set up for purge defense (trying to make it legit and not cheesing it) but leveling them all would take soo much time im not willing to invest. so maybe theese archers could level passivly by defending my base in a purge and get xp for killing attackers.

i feel like loosing thralls defending your base in a purge is not really worth the rewards you can get and passiv leveling would atleast make the process to get the thralls high faster, not as stressfull and time consuming

I like that idea as long as it was only during purge otherwise there would probably be a lot of complaints from part of the community :wink:. It could only be for Archers of course they actually need to hit the target
The NPC,S seemed to hit me lately. @Rastigan

One purge I watched had lots of archers, and there was practically one fighter for every archer. His base was just a wall. I’m just saying archers can be quite effective. I question at what level they should go on the wall. They are raised off the ground standing on triangles.

If you’re asking what is the optimum height and setup for archers vs PvE or PvP, I believe @Teng has a good explanation and method. I have used their methods in the past to great success.


By the way, yesterday I had a level X purge, and I didn’t have time to fight the boss: my archers shot him :rofl:

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