Thrall Leveling Adjustment

So, I suck at this game and my thralls constantly die in purges. Like, a lot.

Could we get a revamp of the Thrall leveling curve so that we can either A)Level them faster or B) have alternative ways of passively leveling them (like a craftable combat instruction manual at that can be consumed to give X amount of XP to a thrall) or C) implement a server slider setting for Thrall XP Gain.

I’m just getting a little exhausted from having to relevel followers after being casualties of the purge.

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If you’re in single player, you can adjust thrall leveling speed in server settings

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With how fast thralls and pets can die, I’m questioning the point of the leveling system entirely for followers (I question the leveling system for players too… but we’ll stay on followers here).

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but I haven’t really came up with a progression system that would make sense. For example, going from 0-20 is just annoying. Speeding it up so its trivial is boring. Speeding it up so leveling still matters, but is also relatively quick… is still boring.

Look at it this way. You’re on some random server and you want to make an outpost to run purges. So you gather up around 20 thralls for the purpose. That’s 20 thralls you need to level up. Warparty cuts this time in half. But my goodness… its an effort that isn’t fun. There’s just no way to make this fun and not lose a few in the process. Even when thralls were more durable this process was boring.

But we have to do it because we simply have to do it. Because taking time doing something boring somehow shows your level of… something. And you need that something to play the part of the game you actually want to have fun at. Get bored so you can have fun is horrible game philosphy. Just my humble opinion.

But enough of that ranting.

One thing I do like about thralls now is their perks. Originally I hated the perk system but with the stat revamps over the last few major updates, these perks have gotten pretty nice. We also have the means to reroll them to what we want which is pretty nice.

So I’d like to see the leveling system replaced with some sort of system that just awards the thralls perks. But I want the system to have some sort of effort and finesse of skill on the player’s side. Something fun for the player to do. Something that isn’t just farm this, click this button, and use that.

And definitely something that isn’t grindy. For example many people have a favorite exp grind spot. A spot they wouldn’t give two thoughts to doing if they didn’t yield exp or treasure (which means its boring).

I do know this is a bit of a pipe dream because such system would have to be developed from the ground up. But that is something I’d like to see get done for thralls at some point.

In the mean time. I wouldn’t say no to just thralls getting the levels gutted from max level 20 to 3. And they just get a perk every level (and perks would see a buff to adjust for stat bonuses normally gotten from level 1-20). I’ll take that as a temporary compromise.

I would point out that the Down But Not Out system referred to in the latest devstream will NOT help the OP’s situation. Getting 3-4 thralls back up at a time before they bleed out while getting beat on by a whole purge is a pain in the ass. Its only really useful for those thralls you take with you as followers when you’re out and about.

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Thralls, that are unique to this game, need a complete revamp. There’s very little reason to bother with them, at this point.


We all suck then :rofl:. The only reason our thralls die is because devs want them to die. I made six successful low lvl purges in a profound easy for purge base but the stop following exploit made the passage for npcs impossible. So the AI of the game started dragging my thralls away from my base, isolating thralls so they can finally be killed. You need to loose control some seconds only and you’ll loose a thrall, simple as that.
So you dont suck Master @DelRioServerMaster, the AI is using cunning, simply.

He owns multiple servers!

Yes, task masters should have reason. Each task master can be placed in the training bench and lvl up to 20 your thrall after a good period of time.

They understand this and they prepare a mechanism to revive your dead thrall.
Dennis said it in the last Livestream

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Technically you can already do this.

Whatever is set as your server’s Kill XP multiplier will apply to thralls as well, however the master slider for Player XP multiplier on the top only affects players.

Basically setting the Kill XP to 10x and the Player XP to 0.1x will result in thralls leveling 10 times faster without altering player XP gained (ofc you would have to balance the other sliders accordingly as well if you want players to gain more XP from idling around or crafting etc.)


You need to readjust your chase and attack distances. Mine don’t do this too much on my purge. The only issue I had was because my purge base zig-zags up a hill and the thralls closest to the entry way would run all the way down there because it overlapped and the entryway aggro distance was within their aggro radius. I had to move them up to the next section so they were further away. Now I don’t get that issue when they’re all set to a distance of 5. Purge npcs run the gauntlet of paths until they run into a group of my thralls and get beaten down at the bottleneck. If they run by, the next group gets them at the next choke point. None have ever made it to my coffer. Granted, I also use noxious arrows on the first couple choke points that have none of my thralls. That tends to soften them up.

Long story short, set your chase and attack distances to 5. They won’t go too far and stay in their clusters for the most part.


That’s the point :wink:. The purge camped on both edges in my walls, so the distance limits had no point anymore, the stygian captain never show up even when he challenged me, so i had for 30 minutes constant spawning. My healing aloes was over, i had to retreat to the house and get some, until i exit one thrall died, simple as that. But thanks for the tips :blush:, they are really good :+1:t6:.

The captain may have spawned INSIDE your walls. I had that happen on one of my first ones. I corrected it by leaving an opening into my wall so I could kill him if needed. He hasn’t spawned inside the wall since, but I’m leaving it just in case.

In your case, I’d probably recommend pulling your thrall cluster back a bit further from the entrance. If there’s no room for that, you may be better off finding a new location or rebuilding your base to accommodate that fact… like build a tower or something so they’re further from the camp and aggro points.

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He was just invisible. I told you the 5 previous was flawless, easy, the game had to do something to change this balance simple as that.

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I solved the problem of the enemy base being close by by using a paved area in front of the base entrance. The larger the area in front of the entrance you pave, the further away the Stygian base will appear.

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You know what sucks about your solution?

My kid pointed this out to me as well.

-9999 points to me for not paying attention.

Yeah, about that.

So, the machine running my Siptah server randomly decided to just stop recognizing that it has a CPU. Like totally. No post, no boot, no nothing. Basically, I’m down to just “a couple” servers (EL and Testlive EL) because Newegg has yet to deliver the replacement parts. I probably should post a notification on the server page but it’s been low activity for awhile so I figured nobody would notice (and also nobody has sent me any emails saying “wtf” so I figure I’m good for now).

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