Thrall lvl system

have thralls get exp in a range like 15foundations because having to lvl thrals seperated is pain in my ■■■

example i kill a wolf in my base then the logic thing to happen is that every thrall that hit it should get exp


I agree that an alternate thrall leveling method would be much appreciated.

Maybe even if they got xp from purges? something to ease this grind.

I have lost thralls and pets because the purge meter fills faster than you can level a thrall.


I have to agree that when a bunch of fresh level 0 thralls kill a mob and gain 0 exp because they aren’t on “follow” makes no sense. If they are actively fighting and killing they should be gaining exp.


It was kinda the idea that it should be hard to level all of ur thralls up, but when u done it they gonna be overpowered (a little to much).

So really hope it stays that way or get even harder to level them up.

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the thing is everything is geared toward raiding in pvp and on the side of the raider.
one leveled Dalinsia Snowhunter will mow down every unleveled thrall and pet alike.

Defenders have only their brain and thralls to protect their bases. We really need something to even things out, even if the thrall only gains a small amount of xp it should gain something.

I’m willing to accept that “it needs to be difficult” argument, if we had some other kind of defence
Traps, Arrows from walls ala Indiana Jones, Spike Traps, Walls that close in, Spikes that spring from a ceiling panel floor or wall.

I wan’t Raiding to be a challenge, and defence possible,
No one wants to grind only to build a loot Piñata


If u build right and stuff u dont even need thralls to be unraidable tbh.

I ofc a levled thrall is killing low level thralls? It should be like that, because u actually put time into that thrall. U didnt put the time in to level the low levels one, so ofc they gonna be weaker.

Defenders have their brain and their weapons, thralls and building opportunity to defend their base.

It’s already hard enough to raid a proper base built by someone who know how to build. So we really dont need easier leveling thralls at all, thing we actually need is weaker thralls. Thralls is doing everything for you right now and it has been like that for a long time.

There is no such thing as “unraidable”
while it’s true I don’t really need thralls because I plan on being raided, and use misdirects.
I am the exception, not the rule

I am mildly OCD I need to complete the thralls leveling.

I was really thinking about making raiding more challenging, right now it’s possible to crack just about any base, and kill all the thralls without even taking a thrall, except to help haul the loot.

It doesn’t matter how you build how leveled your thralls are, the AI is still at the point a good archer can kill mobs or thralls without even agroing them.

That’s kinda the point there are only so many hours in the day. I’m retired I could no life this game if I wanted, and it still takes a lot of time to level thralls.

That part I’ll agree with, but because of PVE thralls shouldn’t be stronger than the player.

I’ll take weaker thralls, just let them level up without taking so much time.

Edit: I’m going to be honest, the only reason I use fighter thralls is for tanking bosses, and the purge.

Do some thralls also have health caps? i got a treasure hunter with about 4k health at lvl 0 and when he hit lvl 7 he had 6999 health but now he hit lvl 8 and is still 6999, a blank hand captain goes way higher.

It kinda is a thing.

Yes it matters how you build. And yes a archer can take out thralls, and that’s how it should be. U not gonna be able to have a base and be able to be offline for a week then get in the server and nothing happening to you.

We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

But lets look at things we’ve both said,
I want raiding to be harder. because it’s too easy.

You say, unraidable bases are a thing.
I say it’s not without exploits. (undermeshing)

Please lets just agree to disagree
I really don’t want to take the time to come to your server and prove my point.
I have before, but it would mean neglecting the server I’m currently playing on,
and would take weeks of prep time to do it legitimately.

Also I have agreed thralls are too powerful, make them weaker. I just want to level them faster or to not need to level them at all.

I also agree that an archer should take out thralls, I play an archer build.
And that if you don’t actively play your base should be able to be raided.

I’ll go so far as to agree with everything, except this one point, no base is unraidable if someone really wants to raid it.

You more than welcome to join to prove ur point.

Without exploits some bases are impossible to raid. And as long the guys u wanna go raid are online it’s gonna be more or less pointless to even try.

i askt for faster lvling because 1week ago i got my new thralls and placed them then i lvlt to lvl15 then a ■■■■ came and killt everything because thy dint lvl and i dint have time to gear them up

This would be a amazing addition even if they got less than when following

I really don’t want to do this. it’s a lot of work.

How about if I say you can make a base difficult even pointless.

My definition of raid would be if someone gets all the way into the base, if they got anything is irrelevant. I seldom ever lose anything from a raid attempt.

I’m only objecting to the word Impossible.

let me explain

My base is built in such a way explosive jars are minimally effective, not impossible just very little splash damage. a well placed trebuchet could potentially break down the door, but the area to build one is limited and I have killed many players who tried over the years.
Once inside the base is suspended from the ceiling and 3 layers thick, again jars are no help
so orbs and arrows, then you need to climb, that will be difficult because of the area and material.

But I don’t think it’s impossible. @Barnes help me out here, you’ve seen at least part of my base builds.

I was once on a server with a friend who said My base was “raidable” but his was not.
I told him I know my base is raidable, and it was raided, but I lost nothing because the raiders only saw what I wanted them to see.

He invited me to see his “unraidable” base, and said “tell me when you get here and I’ll let you in.”
I walked up to him inside his “unraidable” base and said “I’m here.”
(this was one of those early no roof bases) but he thought it was unraidable.

Just replace the word “impossible” with “difficult” or “point less” and we’re good.

Otherwise tell me of a method in use I didn’t recount here, to make it worth my time.
You don’t need to be specific just tell me it’s some type of new inovativation.

This is a learning experience.
Never build bigger than you can defend…purge or raid base.
Which means, if you have been playihg a week, and got your purge meter high enough to be purged, then you should have had at least2 or 3 decently leveled thralls.

And any named leveled to 15+ with a legendary weapon can kill about anything. You just need to heal them with arrows. If they are Human Purges, i had 1 dalinas level4 knock out the entire 4 levels of cimmerian berserkers with a steel truncheon. It took a lot of healing arrows and me keeping the berserkers from group ganking her, but it happened. And my base was 5x5x3 T3 mats. And they spawned on the roof top, so very samll fighting area for me and my thrall.

An inexperienced raider would take a raid interval to figure out your airlock, after which you’d be free to reinforce, or pile under 100 foundations. Under those battlestations, you could just bedroll back into your hanging base and wait for the cavalry to arrive.

I had a high-flyer like that in Icespire, prior to explosive arrows. They staged a vault outside as close as they could, then filled it with orbs. What I found worked best was denial of footholds, so that they could only have one person at a time do the orbing. Eventually they wiped it all. This was when my internet was down due to a local forest fire, so I was undefended for 1.5 raids. :smiley:

The upshot is, as a solo, presuming you can stay back from a vantage and rain harassing fire on them, 2-3 invaders are going to leave this setup alone. Droch’s is a master class on terrain, natural ruin elements and height advantage. His airlock is particularly aggravating as well. When Chaosmouth was still buildable, that place was nigh impermeable if built under Droch style.

I guess I’d tell everybody to look for the long, squiggly ruin entrances like the ones at Chaosmouth, and seek interior structures that get you way off the deck. Not all places are good – Tyros’s Passage is one of them. My old clan insisted on building similarly there and got annihilated.

As for the OP’s suggestion: this would be very easy to exploit, as there is currently no way to stop a player from stacking thralls into a very small space. It would be better if all aggroed thralls got a percentage, with the follower getting the lion’s share of XP.

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exactly :slight_smile:

To OP sorry about derailing the thread.

i know how to do all this i played sins release its just lvling them is a pain in the fk ■■■ that i dont need because my friend are a group off spastic sh it heads

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