Buffing Thralls to balance raiding

Overall, I feel like the biggest pitfalls of the game currently are PVP balancing (being addressed according to the dev stream) and the horrid raiding balance. I feel like the #1 worst feeling though is logging on to a raided base where your thralls have ALL been wiped out, even if no chests are broken. The thralls, which take 10x-100x more time to get are killed instantly because they’re absolutely worthless at stopping even a SOLO raider. When you’re offline, the only ACTIVE defense a person has (mainly from the chinese, but we aren’t gonna touch on THAT issue) is their thralls, which are laughable at best. I bet you could cram 50 high level thralls into a base, and let a lvl 1 character with a stone sword go in, and he’d still kill them all. It’s abysmal.

In the Dev stream it was mentioned that one of the biggest issues is time investment vs cost etc when it came to pvp. Why should it take 1-2 hours to get a high level thrall, for it to be killed by minimal effort and zero threat? If I have a wall with countless archers, why should players be able to shoot them from out of their range? Or why are melee thralls literally just target dummies?

My suggestion? Give thralls a massive boost if everyone in your clan has been offline for X amount of time so it cannot be abused. Massive range and damage for archers, massive movement speed and damage for melee, give them all some resistance to damage from players.

For this being a game built around building a small village/city with many crafters, builders, etc. It seems really silly for a solo player to be able to one man army an entire village with zero threat. This would also encourage players to make less cube like structures on top of rock formations (which should be removed btw) and more perimeter walls, castles, etc. etc.

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Yes need to fix that problem, and its not just the time to brake it you allso need to make armor and so 4 them. And that give oter player just more loot. Spec when you need thralls for defending on purge and no time to put them out when it come. And after you cant put them back in the box. And thats just if they not fall thru the floor.

Maybe ad so they can run to a safe area and heal up!
And they respawn when killed in pvp. Atleast armor and arms.
And to day you cant se a diferens from a player thrall and a random npc from the camp next dore.

yes slaves are useless in terms of protection

this is the worst AI system I’ve seen in games, May 8 there will be an influx of players with different games that they will be afflicted with slaves, there are no teams for them, they are stupid.

Hmm… I wonder about current testlive. I think they got 1-5k hp there… (most of mine spawned in got ~1k, one with almost 2k, one with 2,4k)
Well. For now.

They could have a million hp and it really wouldn’t matter since you can kite them infinitely and out range the archers. They need mechanical changes to make them a threat to players.

First they should give them brains…
I mean there is a certain distance if you shoot enemy thralls (and creatures alike) beyond that certain distance they won’t even “notice” the hit, just die from the incomming fire without even a move…

So no amount of buff in health can be aid that brainlessness…

Players will always figure out a way to kill your thralls. One possible solution:

A new type of station: the healer’s bed. When a thrall dies that belongs to you, it gets sent to the bed for processing, like in a wheel of pain. When it’s done you get your thrall back. It can come in small medium or large like wheels do. There can even be healer thralls that you can place in them to speed the process and provide extra slots for injured thralls.


Nice idea dude. After all we usually have a bunch of time till those thralls were collected and have broken their will. But seriously… how would you patch back someone’s chopped head off?

The same way I wake up on my bedroll after a giant spider eats me.


LOL. totaly accurate battle simulator… :smiley:
But I am glad they don’t force permadeath on us in this game. :smiley:Speaking of which is there an option for that ?

Magic? Haha.
Though… I think it was originally necromany or something like that which was meant to be magic in this game?
A few stiches, some magic (maybe consuming those maproom-stones or something else) and you got Frankensteins monster?

Oh. I just saw I answered on another one of your posts. It almost feels like stalking now. o_o
Didnt intend to though. Sorry!

Nah it is okay. your posts makes sense, and mostly funny too. so thank you for these conversations. :smiley:

To be honest I do not really dig into Conan universe specifically. Kinda base my thoughts about that barbaric era from what we learned in history classes.

I did saw the films tho quite some times. And yeah magic is kinda in them. :smiley: Kinda - sort of… :smiley:

But yeah. FrankenThralls sounds great :smiley:

Edit: sorcery. And they had to turn that down to those orbs. because of resources… I mean time and money…

Yes like baracks in youre keep, have bean thnking about it my self. The danse thralls are doing that whit the regen buff, not 100 on howe it interact whit thralls now tho.

Agree with all this. For me, designing and building a base which is well defended, but also looks good is a key part of the game. The game gives you the options of using thralls and T3 to protect your base, but in the end both those activities are a lot of time spent for nothing.

I put together a base with a lot combat thralls and a T3 perimeter with a series of nested walls - all protected by crenelations. On one of my few nights off, the whole thing was destroyed, all combat thralls killed, and all my chests emptied. Neither the thralls nor the buildings offered any real obstacle.

From what I can tell, on my server, people are not bothering with combat thralls and are building multiple T1 bases to spread their risk, rather than wasting effort on T3. The only real protections against raiding are 1. have a number of bases, some in hard to find spots and spread your assets between them, 2. never take a night off.

Seems a pity that the parts of the game I enjoyed are so useless.

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Gotta bump this thread because this issue shows no signs of being addressed.

Right now attackers have such a huge advantage that there is hardly any point in building large on any PvP server (aside from the ones that have active admins that have rules to prevent total destruction), because there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop them. The power imbalance is so large that it is, for all intents and purposes, completely insurmountable.

There have to be major changes to make this even remotely fair for the defending side.

Someone from dev team notice this post? Made like 5 posts on the same thing you’re taking about. Thralls don’t even use/equip shields as well.