Now that Thralls are getting nerfed...IMPROVE base defense abilities!

Seems like this upcoming thrall nerf just caters to the raiders, that want their raids even easier, and PvE players that complain that using t4 thralls make THEIR game too easy for them! Great job with an over the board nerf on all thralls!

Now, can we get help with base defense??? Thralls, as horrible in PvP as they are, still added a degree of base protection especially offline ones. Now they will become even worse! Agian great work devs.

I BIG part of this game is the varied base building opportunities. But on an official PvP server why would a player or small clan spend hundreds of hours on a base just to have it wiped by offline raiders??? These bases have almost no defensive abilities and become all too easy to destroy. For starters…you are making over the board nerf on thralls damage and health by about 40%. Add the 40% ont base structure health…least that is a start!

&^&$rw#$t% GAME â– â– â– â– â– â–  ME OFF ANY MORE!

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Your thread title led me to think there’d be some actually constructive suggestions in here, but disappointingly, it looks like another angry rant. However, this could still be turned around.

Personally, I’d love to see some “fixed defenses”, e.g. ballistae or thrall-operated cauldrons. And of course, archers who are able to shoot down from walls instead of hitting the wall at their feet. I design my bases with protruding “turrets” so that archers can shoot along the wall instead fo directly downwards, which seems difficult. It would make sense to add ballistae or arbalests, too heavy to carry but still operable by a single thrall - in other words, point defense weapons.

Or even big rocks! Rocks are one of the first inventions for base defense. They just need a little push, and gravity handles the rest. The invention of a lever makes giving that little push a lot easier. If there’s one thing that is ubiquitous in the Exiled Lands, it’s rocks. Why couldn’t we drop some of those at uninvited guests?

Also, why do cauldrons require tar? Historically, boiling water has proven sufficiently unpleasant for would-be invaders, and it’s often easier to come across than tar - after all, most castles (at least those that had any chance of withstanding a siege for any length of time) had their own water wells.


Tar is kind of a meme, yes. They would use water, since it’s easy to boil anyway.

Hopefully you archers wont bug out and randomly teleport around…

Funcom cannot even give us an answer if its a bug or not: Teleporting of defensive archers - intended or a bug?

So the AI still has massive hiccups, but lets just nerf them into oblivion…

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I think this would be a part of a big SIEGE expansion, with balistas, siege rams, buffs on cauldrons damage (and maybe siege thralls to help in these things?), maybe a structure where you can put an archer thrall inside that will shoot automatically arrows… siege ladders? Barricades… There are a lot of opportunities in that sense. We could open a thread about siege suggestions

P.s. they often used hot sand on the cauldrons. Water, sand, or tar, but as gameplay it doesn’t change a lot, all the three are really easy to farm

The game definatly lacks defensive abilities for bases. i for one would like to see traps like they have in warmakers. Your runnin around a base and suddenly get sprung high into the air or off the base. Or i go through a door and spikes shoot up. having trap foundations would be awesome. Thralls do not make good base defense. The only time they have kept me out is when i raided a base and they had a mixture of 20 fighters and archers on the inside. Couldnt even get in to try to kill them.


I think this things are about to come. Still @jot29 have a point here. It is sad that the archers act this way and most of all the thralls do not react in building damage :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Bomb my base but don’t touch my friends and i will leave you alone… omg. They have to do something about it.

This would be awesome

Lol…called it.

Wait i thought thralls were base defense!

Oil was popular as well, as it would kill those it was poured on and could then be ignited to kill their immediate replacements. I guess tar could be put to the same use, really. I’m not sure how flammable tar is… never had any to light on fire, personally.

Nobody actually attacks my bases, so all of my defensive measures are there just because there should be some defenses. At best, an archer of two take pot shots at a wight that wanders too close to my Mounds base, and then my doorman Berserker goes to finish it off. Even my Purge is broken because my base is an unbroken line of foundations from the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts via Sepermeru and Mounds of the Dead to New Asagarth. (This is Single Player, of course. Don’t go reporting me to Funcom just yet.) So the Purge either glitches and doesn’t spawn at all, or when it does, always attacks the southernmost end of my base, which is basically an abandoned hut near Noob River.

I find the lack of fire disgusting.
Why no arrow you can light up oil spills with?
Or a DoT type just like bleed.
Or a kinda path you fill with flammable substances and light it up soanybody who crosses (NPC, other players) gets on fire immediately.
Or whatever I’d love to be a pyromaniac in this game.

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