Suggestion: Artillery officer thralls

Basically the option for thralls to man the trebuchets for more effective purge defense and PVP applications. Perhaps with average at best accuracy.


Yeah. It worries me a little how solo players can survive a siege-purge if our thralls remain semi-useless decoration while the enemy have active siege engines.

So, “automated” (ie. thrall-powered) defensive engines of war, whether catapults, ballistae or cauldrons, are needed. They might help against offline raiding in PvP, too.

I wouldn’t worry too much about them being overpowered as long as they’re controlled by the artificial stupidity currently coded in the game.


Exactly, that is my biggest worry. I have a half dozen artillery platforms in strategic spots around my keep, and for what? To get dusted by by Stygians in one purge? lol EDIT: and YES, cauldrons ABSOLUTELY could use help to actually have a point and be effective. I would also love to see thralls respond to offending players regardless of whether building damage is on or off, would make short work of a few exploits I have encountered players using on my server. (Not going to openly share for the sake of game integrity, just know there is at least one that is still a viable tactic that has been used against me)

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