Possible rework to base defense and pvp

Thralls in pvp currently are extremely broken, most can 1 or 2 shot you and most people just try and kit their thrall into, needless to say this isn’t really fun in any situation(this is a pvp mode after, not player vs thrall). So my suggestion is to change thralls so they do not target players. In the void of base defense that would be left by this change, I propose mini siege defense ballistas that have to be kept maintenanced(repaired and loaded with its own special ammo) that can either be a version manned by a thrall(mounted stationary swivel that would be the only new way for them to target players) or player manned( bigger version that does more damage while still being a swivel and stationary). This would make base defense a lot more engaging along with pvp more engaging I believe, please give feedback as to how I could improve this idea as I’m new to giving my thoughts and suggestions.

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