Thrall Rework Discussion

My intention for this post is to hold a discussion for the changes we’d like to see to the thrall system as it stands in the current February 11th patch for PVP. Both good and bad things should be put here. Please be kind and thoughtful in your responses to others, as people play this game for different reasons and some are very enthusiastic about their opinions regarding thrall. I’ll start with some suggestions:

  1. Be able to tell thrall to be aggressive or not. Right now thrall followers will attack if you are attacked or if you attack, but it would be nice if you could have a setting where they attack anything in range.

  2. Potentially reduce the amount of damage that players do to their own thrall or remove the status effects player out on their own thrall.

  3. Either make players able to walk through their own thrall, or make thrall not stand in doorways or in any place that can block you in. This is an everyday annoyance that could be a simple fix I think.

  4. The perk system. It needs to be looked at. I’m sure everyone else has plenty to say about it.

  5. Creating a path for guarding thrall to patrol. AI thrall can do it, so there could be a way to tell a thrall to walk back and forth from one area to another.

  6. Assign a primary weapon to a thrall follower and be able to tell it, in combat, to switch to a secondary weapon rather than the thrall deciding. The main though I had here was a weapon vs. a truncheon.

Anything else, please add below and discuss and maybe this can eventually become a suggestion post. Thanks for reading.


Nerf thralls all together please…the leveling system has pretty much destroyed fighting other players in pvp. Without a thrall, you are screwed. Thralls shouldn’t be able to hit 10k+ health and be able to one shot. I currently have thralls that are 20-30k health that can do such… this is not okay.


What thralls do you have with 20 to 30k health lol?

Most bearers reach 20k+, only the names ones do not. And any cimmerian purge fighter can usually get near or hit 20k or more.


Ah, I’ve only gotten as high as 16k with a Cimmerian Purge thrall.

I think the walking patrol is potentially more difficult than it seems. When the AI does it, there’s usually only 1-2 in an area. Now imagine a clan base with potentially 100 thralls walking patrol simultaneously. I imagine it would have to lag out.


Easy fix, break bond go down to the newbie river and get yourself a level 1 whatever, put him in rags and give him a stone sword. He will do his best and you will not have that 20-30k beast. Then it will be ok.

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Where the heck are you getting a 20+k bearer lol. Teir 4 bears are trash and even most teir 3 never get that high. Please tell me where you find them I need to run over and grab me a few.

And when the other guy has a 20k health thrall? Yeah, you make a lot of sense.

First there is a huge difference between a bearer and a cimmerian purge fighter lol, really a huge difference.

Most bearers still do not most reach 20k.

I like these two ideas, even as a PVE player.

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I power leveled bearer 2s and 3s on my solo server and most of them hit an average of 20k+, highest I’ve seen reached 28k. On the other hand, I’ve seen Some fighters get over 100 in their strength stat while also having around 8k health.

The whole point of me talking about thralls in pvp is that there isn’t a challenge in pvp anymore, it’s a death sentence to try and fight someone who has a max level thrall chasing you while the player you are fighting nails u with either cripple or you trying to dedicate to attacks.

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Well you got lucky to get 20+ level 2 and 3 bears. I have leveled a few in testing thralls and never got over 12K for any of them. When they first put the new Thalls out they had way more Health then they do after the update in mid Dec and I have found none with that kind of Hp but will need to go in game and test them again now.

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While I can get most of my bearers to hit 20k+, they aren’t too op as they can’t deal that much damage from the looks of it. Now I have seen and gotten an absolute god of a thrall, a 26k health purge cimmerian.

I will agree that bearers are broken as a level 2 gets more hp then a named one.

Pretty sure a bearer 1 can hit higher health on average than a named bearer.

Part of the problem lies in the armor ratings for thralls. they get all the benefits of heavy armor, and none of the negatives. IE, +9 (+7 for pvp gas mask meta) of STR or VIT. Then another 1200 armor, plus anything from 8 x AGI to 10 x AGI giving some up to 1400 Armor. That is about 85%+ damage reduction (don’t have my armor calc in front of me). Figuring a way to use the heavy v medium movement penalties could at least help.
Maybe something as simple as
Heavy rated armor does a lot of heavy full combos, and has “rests”.
Medium rated armor mix of lights and heavies, uses “rests” and rolls.
light rated, constant light attack, and uses rolls instead of rest.

The rests and rolls would RNG in their AI to not be predictable. Rests would have them back off to some extent.

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