How come you never add to base defense?

they never add anything to help you defend your base , its freaken ridiculous , you have bombs , trebuches , god avatars , grenades , explosive / fire arrows , and now this stupid lighting storm that can all damage your building .
now what do we have for defense ? thralls ? they dont even attack the enemy players half the time . like how come they dont add new defensive capablities ?



I have say it since they nerf bubbel it not points to have it. Because trep to power full. Can wipe a full base less in 3m. Til you shoot it down it not easy at all

And they build it. Inside many gate frame so u can’t even dmg the trep.

Attacker have a lot more way to wipe. You

I want old Conan pvp when you turn bubbel and have time to go offline and come back.

There was only one way to raid u was orb if you build wrong u get the orb wipe and. It took like 10x god to wipe a bubbel this was best balance system.

I can sure eat 10x god to get wipe offline rather get than a naket newbi that fly into on my roof befo raid time thrall don’t even counter the bat or. Ligth storm spam. Ez wipe. Ohhh we forget the. Frost bright too. Is to mush. Who can defance this ??

They need make bubbel full dmg production nothing can wipe inside. Bubbel. And enter it. Even pat or frost bright.

In this game you can not defend your base. (I am an expert raider!)

Thralls are useless, before you can kill them with arrows (acid+poison+star metal). Now it is easier, just place bombs and they will burn to death fast :slight_smile:

Build small 2x2 and hide.

Or empty your base and let the doors open at raid time.


You will own nothing and be happy!


I think most players spend the majority of their time building their base. When it comes to defending most players get bored of waiting for what will eventually be an offline raid. So i think they don’t want you to be able to defend in the hope that servers will look busy as everyone tries to rebuild. What they are missing though is that players often quit after an overwhelming raid. Better base defense would be good and keep servers busy with more potential customers using the bazaar.


Make buildings and thrall training 10 times cheaper.
So you build a base in 2 min, you lose it in 2 min, that’s fair.
Currently, you build a base in 2 weeks, you lose it in 2 min, that’s unfair.

Also add a placeable limit to avoid building spam.


They made some good steps towards what @demonado said with the 4x harvest multiplier. That said, better thrall AI (which we’ve been asking for since… well… forever) and more defense options would be ideal. Currently, the only difference between an online raid and an offline raid is how tedious getting in will be.

honestly you are wrong, bases are super easy to build right now, Bases have had a boost by bombs having their splash reduced lighning storm is OP but thats about it beyond exploits right now.

4x gather rates, you got that insane gather spell, you go hit up the silvermine you are walking out with thousands in bricks and iron, you can have a t3 base in a day easy.

And T2 building mats did get a boost, which are hyper cheap to build, insulated wood and iron, dont even need a blacksmith 3 to efficiently make reinforcements.

of all the things I don’t think base strength is an issue, though it may seem as such because of the current exploits happening and perhaps lightning storm.

I think they turned the 4x gather rates off.

Says on the official server lists (ingame) that harvest is 4x still :slight_smile:

The multiplier is NOT a good thing, it diminishes the whole idea of surviving. It’s ridiculous how much materials you can farm now… This game is going straight to toilet.

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I disagree with the game going down the drain. Especially since the “survival” aspect of the game is pretty much over once you get a water skin and some meat from killing something. I think that the PVP aspect (exploits aside) is doing pretty well with the 4x multiplier. It makes getting wiped easier to recover from and makes getting to the real game less painful.

That said, you’re free to have your own opinions of the game, and we don’t have to agree. There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other games out there vying for your attention, time, and money. If you’re not having fun with Conan, you are completely free to choose another game to play, and that’s completely fine. I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4 again as of late, as a break from Conan was needed, so I feel you

well that not only him that will quit conan, conan was interesting as a survival game, and yes survival was the point for pvp server. now tthe gameplay is resumed to easy raid that even a child of 5 years is able to do, and easy farming at a point where in fact you don’t need to raid (because first point of raiding was to get ressources) so raiding is just about destroy for destroying now. so building a base everyday that will be wiped at next pvp, or have to play naked without base is not a very interesting gameplay for most of the pvp community players i think. thaht the new direction of gameplay introduced by 3.0 is in total opposition with the core game mechanism (new direction is wipe other fast, be wipe fast, no way to defend your base, rebuild fast) but economy/crafting of conan and crafting system do not match that, this is still the one of a survival game. actually servers are going empty and people left because of the actual glitch, but i bet you something, even after a hopefully quick patch to solve that, you will see all pvp servers dying for real, as nobody willhave interest to build a base, and if nobody has interest to build a base, you will have nothing to raid, and so this is end of game. conan has lost its soul and so it will lost its players.


If that is the case, then I’d be surprised. I’ve never had an issue with the low harvest rates, but I do know that it made getting raided painful. Hundreds of hours of labor lost because someone started a war with the clan I was a part of. I also don’t see how “destroying just to destroy” or “fighting just to fight” is detrimental. It’s just PVP. People getting upset for engaging in PVP on a PVP server means that they’re playing the wrong game mode. There’s nothing wrong with that, btw, and I don’t look down on PVE or PVE-C players. It just means that PVP isn’t for them, and that’s ok. The current exploit is emptying servers, and Lightning Storm needs a rebalance, but otherwise PVP’s never been better. I’d watch Cero’s youtube video on Conan 3.0 update to see more of why I think that, as I agree with 99% of it.

Edit: Clarification

take the bet to see what will happens in 2 months, i was playing conan from day 0 early access; i nerver saw the game in this state, even the early access was more interesting to play…

and i did not say that i did not like to fight, it why i was playing on pvp.

but again, and talking about siege system, no more possible to defend, attack become so easy and do not even require 1/10 of the time to destroy a base than to build it. so well what will you do when no more base on your server ? jump on other server ? all empty, jump on other server, all empty, and so ?


I do fully agree that trying to defend your base is a losing game at this point. There’s some balance changes that need to be implemented and I’d love to see more defense structures. Defensive trebs only get you so far. I want ballistas, sorcerous shields, smarter (and always active) thralls, more accurate archers, useable tar cauldrons (wtf were they thinking with the current iteration? A fence does its job better)

that simply what we are saying, game need balance beetween attack and defense, and actually this not the case at all, sorcey have been throw in without any thinking, and break all the siege system that was already favor of attack.

otherwise and as said it long time ago, fc will need to build base on pvp server to let people that like to raid to have something to raid.


And I agree. Raiding is only fun when you’ve got some good old fashioned back-and-forth gameplay

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it is a bit of a disaster, I too have never seen it in this state but its more that its the worst and one of the longest periods of super bad exploitation.

Coupled with the lack of zendesk response which they had been getting better at the past year (whether you agree on enforcement policy or not) howerver!

I think this isn’t an issue from current design/base hp etc, its lack of careful testing, listening to bug reports and bracing itself for the influx of 3.0.

I think overall the game is starting to work, the balance is starting to come in, farm time, bomb targeting (instead of splash) horse nerf, illusion items (so we can have cool personalized equipment) there are many good features and many more to go.

if it werent for the exploits I would likely only care about getting lightning storm tweaked, which I think takes some time in the wild to workout anyway, so I get how it would be OP and sneak through.


This right here is why I’ve been leery of coming down on FC for the strength of LS.

That said… This current exploit needs to be handled with expedience

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