Purge Suggestions

I’m really enjoying the new purge system, it’s really adding a lot to the castle building and gameplay for me, and it’s quite challenging until you figure out the right tactics. I have a few thoughts on some related tweaks though:

First, a purge should end if nobody in the clan is on for a certain amount of time, say 10 or 15 minutes. I’m dealing with the log in issues on pve-c, and getting logged out during a level X purge and not being able to get back on for 30 minutes is an unmitigated disaster. I lost a handful of max levelled thralls and their gear today for this reason. Since server stability will always be a variable with so many npcs fighting, I think it would make sense to account for this. This could also serve as a mechanism to cancel a purge. I know this seems cowardly, and it takes some of the threat away, but this would help mitigate, say, purges spawning behind the ghost wall (which has happened to me a few times) and other camp placement issues.

The rewards need some tweaking. A level 10 purge isn’t really profitable. I doesn’t cover the cost of repairs, the gold for ANY mercenaries, or the arrows and food consumed by your troops. And it certainly isn’t worth the risk of losing a single levelled thrall or their end-game armor.

And finally, since thralls are now disposable, less powerful, and incredibly vulnerable to the purge, they should level at a speed that reflects this. This will also help me sleep at night after all the loses I took :laughing:

I’m not sure what other people think, these are just my views from playing chapter 2. I think the revamped purge is a great addition and I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes in the next chapter and beyond. (I’d also love to hear any other suggestions people have for improvements!)


Yeah the rewards for the purge are extremely lacking. I can do X ones without casualties, but like you mentioned it, doesn’t even cover the cost of repairs.

The leveling speed is a massive problem. Since the developers listened to the “I don’t feel like I’m the hero!!!” idiots, the thralls are extremely weak even with an authority build. We also recently lost hyper armor for combos, which nerfed thralls even further. If the vision is to make them disposable, fair enough. But cut the leveling requirements by 2/3.


How about they make the purge able to attack our actual base, not a shabby box we need to build in the middle of nofreakingwhere so it works?

That aspect of the new system killed it for me.


Thrall leveling time is way too long. The risk of losing a thrall / thralls in a high purge doesn’t make game play fun, just stressful and frustrating.

I get losing treasure but thrall price is too high. They need a revive system or drastically lower the leveling time.


Totally disagree- a Tier 4 thrall dalinisia or zerker takes 3-4 hours to cap out to level 20. Ive done it. Im doing it.

I use war party authority build- and i smoke everything.All the world bosses, all the dungeons and all the purges. Purges i actually lose thralls if i dont act quick enough and place myself in harms way to try and save them.

Purge mechanics will try to corner even your best thrall and kill them. Thats the point of the player being involved.

Repairs? For what? there are no repairs for thralls. Loot dead thrall , get gear back.

With so much loot you get now, repair cost isnt even a factor for the player.

We did that before- and what did people do? exploit the base system in pvp, drag their purge thralls to some poor shmuck who just started the game and have his sandstone base destroyed.

Purge attackers spawning inside peoples bases.

Purges not spawning at all after all the grinding folks did to get that meter up to that point.

Anything else?

Immediately!!! The purge stops or don’t even start for absolutely no reasons, continuing while the user is out has absolutely NO reason to continue. I summon the purge so I can play. If i am not there to enjoy then what’s the reason to continue ??? If Funcom wants to add a penalty we can loose a certain amount of treasure from our treasury and the message of “defeat” let’s say 1000 coins.
But thats it. The thralls are useless to keep a purge alone, especially lvl X.
Then there should be rewards equal to loss and rewards for no loss at all too. So both people who start learning with loss and pain and people who win because of their experience or bravery to be rewarded properly. This game does not reward valor at all. There should be a code counting how many the player slay to win this war and reward special for valor .
But this is a new code and absolutely unfinished. It supose to be completed on chapter 3.
So keep giving your feedback, they need it as much as we need changes too .

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Have you done max difficulty purges? There’s tons of splash damage that affects structures, and sometimes you get waves with a ton of demolishers. Some will slip by and wreck stuff. So when you go get the treasure you get furniture and spider eggs. There’s your repairs. I don’t mind the difficulty, but the risk/reward is way off.

Not sure why bring world content though. Good for you if you can speed run level your thralls. The balance still doesn’t make sense.

If you are doing a contrarian bit, that’s fine. It can be fun. Just read the topic a bit more careful, you’ll be more effective.

I know all about it and ive literally thousands of stacks of hardened brick, shaped wood and steel for just such an occasion.

This topic is a suggestion and i disagree with your statement about thrall leveling needs to be easier- its already easy for those who put in the time.

Same goes for repairs , you put in the time the build a reserve of materials, then you can run multiple purges in the course of an evening or afternoon.

You need to prepare and most people do not prepare from what ive seen and the purge will make you pay for that.

One person lost 19 level 20 thralls - thats on them.

I had a strange moment in single player in Purge 10. After the purge, the door to the treasury was heavily damaged, and each foundation of the area where the battle was taking place and the wall around the gate had minor damage. I put off the repairs until later and exited the game, and when I logged in and arrived at the base, ready to repair it, it turned out that all the damage had disappeared, except for the badly damaged door.

Those are a priority target- i assign 4-5 thralls just for the chest room alone and set them for 5 metres spread. NO demolisher survives- no multiple demolishers survive.

Any other trying to damage my other stuff i take out personally

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I got similar structure damage during headhunter heavy waves and the silly grenades. The single player damage getting repaired is interesting though. There seems to be a lot of wacky desyncing with many things in the game. The other day I thought I was going to take a direct hit from a star metal meteor falling from the sky. It did fall on me, but nothing happened. When I actually went to look for the meteor, it was on the opposite side of the mountains.

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I bring in world content because i use all aspects of the game to level thralls- World bosses give good xp for thralls.

Fair, but even if you can level a thrall to max in 3-4 hrs, (which would be dedicated grinding I assume) I had 56 thralls before the age of war. Say you even had 20, with War Party and your method that’s 30-40 hours levelling thralls which is enough time to finish a playthrough of most games. I do enjoy the threat of the purge, especially since correct preparation really mitigates your chances of loses, but being able to replace loses quicker doesn’t really reduce the danger of casualties, it just makes the gains more rewarding.

3-4 hours is no looting except for world bosses or end game dungeon treasure- just straight up xp. Also i use a horse with a cavalry saddle.

And the time it takes , its not designed for a player who starts with 60 thrall cap to be done in a week.

The more clanmates you have the easier it should be. However the more clanmates you have the more resources you need to get elite gear, legendaries etc.

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I used to just run the War Maker’s Dungeon on repeat for levelling thralls, but I think they nerfed skeleton exp. Also, it’s too much of a PVP hotspot these days which is very inconvenient. I suppose I should just be glad it doesn’t take like 24hs to convert a thrall anymore :laughing:

As clearly stated by the Devs- “Thralls are designed to be lost and new ones to replace them.” This is why the wheel was nerfed and folks complained it was taking too long.

Now we are complaining about how long it take to level them?!

Cmon , you need to put in SOME effort to play the game and prepare. Cheese whiz!

Makes no difference to me- all the world bosses and dungeon bosses are the targets. Skellies are now great for loot instead of open world grinding too.

I do still think it would be better reduced, but maybe I’m just spoiled at this point. I’ve been playing for a few years so I remember how grindy everything used to be :grin:

Amen to ALL of you said and praise to you for writing it down for me as well. :smiley:

Agreed. One does not have a single clue, how difficult is going to be the next level of purge - I learned it painfully, being ok with level 7 and then trying level 8… I lost only two thralls out of 24 in total, but many of them had only 10% of HP and less left. It was exhausting fight and the reward was just not worth it.

The enemies were tough in defense and HP, did decent dmg and were comming in overwhelming waves. In the end the only reward worthy was Lianeele. All the other stuff and thralls completely sucked, not even to mention treasure chests.

For example from level 8 purge I got 3 mid treasure (1,500) but in one mining run for obsidian/gold I can get ten times more to put in the coffer. The value of treasures is extremely unbalanced, they take up too much space and often block the pathway for purge, if you put them too close to coffer. They just serve to aesthetic purpose. I got rid of those, stacked up on golden bars and it’s way more effective this way.

Thrall leveling is another thing. I don’t have that much time to level up each and every thrall to lvl 20, since it takes ages and when surrounded by purge thralls, they would die anyways, and all that time went… to the place where sun doesn’t shine. Thralls are leveling way, way too slowly considering current XP settings.

About the canceling of purges… That would be too much, in my opinion. I would like to have more precise and specific warnings and notes about each and every tier of purge, so I can decide if am I going to make it or not. Because what is it, to let player chose between 1 and 10 and if he chose badly, he can lose all his stuff and thralls in one go which is not reversible?

There must be a way to improve this system somehow.

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