Purge related to buidling amount

I have played this game for a long time and think it is about time I started throwing in some ideas I have had about the purge.

As of right now, when you get into the late stage of the game and esecially on PvE/PvE-C servers the majority of the grind ends up being to generate enough points to start a new purge.

The setting at 15/min per uppdate and 42k points to start the purge is great. Especially for new players to be able to get a decent base before their first purge hits. What I suggest is to change how your buildings and thrall amount changes how fast you increase purge points.

If I remember correctly the initial plan was for the purge to hit people with larger bases more frequently. This does not seem to happen right now. So what about having the points added to the bar being multiplied with numbers correlated to the amout of buildings the clan has?

per 100 T1 buildings gives 1% increaced purge points
per 100 T2 buildings gives 5% increaced purge points
per 100 T3 buildings gives 10% increaced purge points
per 1 guarding thrall gives 1% increased purge points

This will not affect new players, but for the ones that decide to wall in brimlake and other areas of interest will get hit by purges a lot more and will have a harder time defending it.

It would also be nice to have the world bosses give more points to the purge meter, as it takes days of farming unnamed to get anywhere near the first purge bar.

Purge works great for new players but it would be nice for late-game activities to generate way more points as people wall in points of interest on PvE and a big part of late-late game playing is based on generating purge levels.


PS, A clan of Cimmeran Beast-Tamer purges seems to fail if the first crafter thrall spawned is the blacksmith Donia , Keeper of the Riddle of Steel. It has failed every time she spawned first for me. (about 5 times)


Your numbers would probably require (lots of) tweaking, but I think the overall idea is fairly solid.


Absolutely, they where more just an example to better explain the idea :slight_smile:

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i think thats the problem right there for me with purge, that you have to build to increase the bar faster. i already built what i wanted and with the new thrall limit i dont see the point in build more when you cant defend it. the other problem i have is that the purge bar decreases when you re not online for a few days.i ve seen alot of ppl abusing this and build extremely big, cause they know that you can avoid the purge by just not playing. the change i would like to see, is that, when you hit lvl 60 the purge bar doesnt decrease anymore. playing pve so i dont know if it makes sense for pvp


As of right now building does almost nothing for raising the purge bar. I have built massive structures in T3 and it has only increased by about 5%. (same can be done with 2h killing thralls). The idea is not that building more over what you already have will give purge points, but that all your buildings will influence how many purge points you will get by killing thralls/animals/bosses/crafting and w/e else gives you purge points.

etc: having just a small t1 hut with crafting stations will only increase your purge points by >101%
Having a massive 2 000 - 10 000+ piece buidling covering a large area will give you 150-500% increased purge points. (as said by Mikey the numbers will need a lot of testing)


What about the Purge meter doesn’t decrease once your lvl 60 but only increase when you’re online ? And of course once you get a Purge, the bar reset to 0 and start increasing again. That way you need to commit yourself to be an active online player to get a Purge.


first of all sry to the Op, i kinda derailed the discussion without intention. i really like the idea of increased % depending on what you have build, that would help with what i dislike on officials, humongous walls of china and sky-high towers and as you mentioned, the wall off

i would like this alot, not a friend of a fixed time to get purged

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This if I recall was how it was prior to the Halloween event of last year. I’m 100% in agreement once your Level 60 it will not decrease. Now if they would put Human purges at level 6 life would be good again.

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Bump because this idea deserves more visibility (IMO) and also because it’s Wednesday.

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Like the ideas here. I have one of my own.

How about every clan with a level 60 in it gets purged once every 7 days.
ie. The meter fills 16% every day.
You can make the purge come faster by building, thralling & murdering but you will get a purge at least once a week.

For players who have built enough (I have at least a small base near every major capital) this would mean we don’t have to continue adding to server lag to get a purge. No real point in thralling anymore either.

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Hey, @Mikey, thanks for bumping the thread, I would’ve missed it otherwise and sure deserves visibility.

As a player who likes building big castles and similar stuff, I would love to have the purge meter fill faster the more you have built. If you build all over the place inconsiderately, it acts against you. If you build carefully, it rewards you :slight_smile:

One thing I would suggest changing is the differentiation between T1, T2 and T3. Griefers and trolls on PVE love to spam T1. I would rather have the purge increase be the same regardless of the tier of your building pieces.

Another thing I’d like to suggest is that, if this ever gets implemented, there be a grace period to let people prepare.

Finally, I’m very much in favor of Wolfrider’s idea. It works especially well in tandem with Sikhir’s idea, but even on its own it would be a very desirable improvement.


Thanks for thinking my idea should have more visibility!

In hindsight posting it right after a massive update might have not been the best idea :stuck_out_tongue:


What if instead, Funcom marked certain spawn areas like brim lake as Beast Purge Zones (to avoid the reward part of Legendary Thralls). Certain areas like Boss Spawns, Obbies, brim lake, Gods Claw, etc would have a purge every so often if something was built on it preventing the spawn. If you build over other Spawnss (NPC) then maybe there is something for that as well. this would alieviate troll building, and also insure certain spawns are available more often.

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Sounds like a good idea, especially if you combine it with other ideas in this thread.

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