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The Purge was one of the biggest incentives to build strong defenses in pve and pvp, up until a tribe full of players got big enough, then they were the biggest incentive. But until then, purges were the big thing. When they happened, it felt great to see your thralls fight alongside you (when they weren’t bugged to hell), and to fight back a horde of skeletons in the dead mounds or a load of near-naked pirates in the eastern shores.

The problem- Purge happens only one time… OR… Purge meter stays at near max … OR… Purge meter doesn’t fill up; All of these issues could be explained away for one reason or another, but that doesn’t stop the fact that this is a huge area of inactivity for active players. When player wars in a server are said and done, and journeys are completed, there’s really not much left to do except pointlessly build and tame thralls (THAT WE NOW HAVE TO KEEP FED!). If the Purge actually became a regular thing, it would be like end game content, and you’d be good to keep on building and placing thralls/animals/ walls etc.


  1. Make the purge meter fill up for a clan while players are online. Offline purges are not fun, not only because players lose stuff without being able to defend themselves, but also because they have missed out on the opportunity to participate in one of the game’s best attractions.

  2. Make the purge NOT take every clan/player into consideration. Each player/clan should have its own individual purge meter. If multiple go off at the same time, so what? This isn’t ark. The server limit is 40 people. And if you do have the meter take others into consideration, If you follow the first suggestion and decide to still only allow one purge per person/clan, then at least purges will be more regular and manageable. At least active players will be able to experience them more often.

  3. Give players a craftable horn that can be placed next to enemy structures. When the horn is blown, it will speed up the purge meter of whoever’s land the horn is placed upon. Obviously, following the first suggestion, if the purge meter is full, then the opposing team must first log on before the purge attack commences. this will allow for a whole new level of pvp that would be AMAZING!

  4. Add increasing difficulty purges. Each purge that you survive or vanquish without losing significant building pieces to will cause the next purge to be bigger. Add purges that utilize catapult npc’s in their ranks. Add an end game purge where a god shows up. Add an end game purge where boss creatures like the dragons show up.

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Yes the purges, even before they broke, were like bringing a knife to fight a tank… Just boring once set up.

According to one of Staff posts, update is coming for the Purge, (adjust few of low numbers and settings)

#1 is fine i think, your not always home when its robbed? It sucks to miss it…
#1, 2, and 3, Rrrr you get tier 4 thralls thou. And goodies… letting one clan push for it would just allow more advantges over another?

You can already keep track of where other people are, why not show up at there purge if it doesnt pick you?

#4, Gods showing up? Dragons sure, but gods would just plow thru your base after you did a few… I dont see point. XD

I’d love to see AI be abit smarter when attacking me, (but I want Flags for land claim, and not foundations myself.) So AI/players has a target(s) to break, to force you away for abit.
Most of time they attack random building pieces. XD

So true

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