Please make the purge meter reduction less aggressive

I’m in a clan with 3 other people. 1 doesn’t play anymore, 1 plays maybe once every couple weeks, and the remaining 2 play several times a week but not always every day.

We do, however, want purges for the thralls and the thrills. But the way you decrease the purge meter for not logging in makes it impossible for us to build up the meter enough to trigger a purge, even though we’re regular players.

And why is this the case? Because some edge case where a purge could trigger on a clan with no buildings on the server? Why not reduce the meter if there are no eligible foundations for a purge at server start? Seems like a much more direct and fair way to avoid the problem, rather than penalizing people just because they’re all not online every single day.

Since you instituted this “fix”, we’ve had a total of 2 purges, but if you totalled up our meter gains I bet we’d be well over 10. I just lost all of what was almost a full meter because I went away for the weekend.

Purges are one of the few end game activities in PVE, and this makes it so hard to get them I don’t even want to try anymore.


I agree. I have been doing an experiment of sorts on a PVE official. I normally play only PVP official. I have noticed, even if i play 1 hour a day, it never goes up.

I would suggest they work on a scaled decline instead of a hard decline per hour not on.
When server restarts, it should look at last log in time to and decline based on that.

Something like
<24 hours since last log in no decline
25-48 hours since last log in goes doen 10% of a full bar
49-96 hours since last log in goes down 25% of a full bar
97-144 hours since last log in goes down 50% of a full bar
144+ hours since last log in goes down the final 15% to zero.

full bar would be used, not of what you progressed. The full bar is a hard number in settings, so that would be easier to code against. IE, if a full bar was 1000, but i only had filled 300, then if i didn’t log in within 24 hours, it would go down 100 points (10% of 1000), not 30 (10% of my accrued 300). So on so forth. If i logged in daily it would never go down, just up, and if i had to skip a day, it would not hurt as bad.

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I think this is still way too aggressive, especially if it’s penalized per player. There’s no reason to continually decrease the purge meter. The only time it would be an issue is if a player somehow had a full purge meter but no eligible foundations to target. Reducing the purge meter below threshold just once solves this problem.

Why on earth is it necessary to empty out my purge meter because I went away for a weekend?


And how many threads & complains does it need, so Funcom finally changes this strange mechanic…

Because it reduces NO stress from the server at all. There can only be 1 purge active on the whole map/server.
So even if there exists a server, where you have >40 eligible purges at the same time (from 40 different clans), there wont be 40 at the same time. Just ONE.

Remove the reduction completely. Set minimum amount of players must be online to ONE (and not 0) at official servers.

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I believe the issue had to do with a very specific case. Imagine a clan that has no structures on the map but it’s eligible for a purge (unlikely but possible), and they come up in the queue. You then have a purge stuck looking for a foundation piece to attack, but it won’t find one. So the purge never happens, and no one else gets purged either.

But like I said, just decrease the purge meter if there are no foundations on the map for a clan. Or decrease the meter ONCE to below the purge threshold. Anything beyond that is unnecessary.

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This is not a bad idea, would make it very helpful for those that are in the same situation that you are and would make it to where everyone has a chance for a purge not just the bigger clans.


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