So nice that purge is working again!

But of you are alone its werry hard to come up to full purge meter. The minus Points it to bi, have ti be hardcore seveal dayes to keep it up. Cant you make it so that stars after some dayes offline litelebit as the decay system?

Hi there, purge meter goes up at the same rate regardless of clan size.

Purge meter is currently time based. Not sure if this is a bug or intended.

But I’ve been able to confirm that actions do NOT speed up Purge. It takes the same amount of time to raise a purge meter whether you do nothing or if you run 10-20 crafting stations and actively kill for the entire period.

You generate 2500 Purge points every 70 minutes. Roughly. I’m not sure of the exact value. But those are round numbers that are very close to what I’ve been able to observe.

What this means is if the server setting is 5000 for a trigger, you will see a purge every 140 minutes you are logged in. When you log off, this timer I believe stops. Before the Katana/Bow patch the meter would go down if you (or your entire clan) was logged off). It simply stops now however.

Next time you are logged in, see what the trigger value is and divide that by 2500, and then multiply the result by 70. That is how often you will see purges.

So if the trigger is set to 50000 it will take nearly 24 hours of total logged in time. The server I play on has it set to 20000 and requires about 9 hours and 20 minutes to see a purge. Due to our clan being active, this means we see a purge about once a day.


Yes and if you work on it alone its hard to keep the meter up. work a day and you get 75% and burne all youre resourses and then its just falling so you can hardly have a purge

The current system is nice for official servers for people who haven’t quit, but aren’t “maining” CE as their current primary game.

It gives people a choice wether they want to handle purges or not.

I buy dlc’s wether I am actively playing or not because I feel as though CE’s “my home” that I come back to between adventures on other worlds. I don’t know if i’m the only one doing this or not, but i enjoy this arrangement on the purges.

P.s is purges working again on unofficial or official?

No its not realy workining well, unless you are a hardcore player. If you can only play 1-2 h/day you have no chanse to get a purge. The minus Points penalty is to hard!

The purge system has been very confusing to most. I feel a page “not wiki” needs to be implemented. Instructions, what sets them off, rewards, where they can occur, minimum defenses needed for that area, the “omfg” I was offline what happen to my base moments that can occur from a purge. So many exiles love it for the reason it helps you keep on building and upgrading. However, its just a bar that seems to rise and decline with the words “purge”. Personally I played for months and only had one occur. Unfortunately , I had all my gear in a chest and a group of Hyenas are really vicious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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