Question about purge meter

i’m sure this has probably been asked before but is there a setting to reduce how quickly if at all that the purge meter decreases or is that something that would have to be done through a mod?

There’s a setting that changes how fast the purge meter advances, but nothing about how it decreases. Unless I’m mistaken, the only way for it to decrease is to have a Purge.

it slowly decreases when there is no activity or very little activity say i’m not on for a day. at least on my private server haven’t played on an official server in a while so don’t know if it happens there. i’ve been trying to figure out why it decreases overtime. i’ve been even looking through the dev kit to try to find if there’s something in there but haven’t noticed anything so if you haven’t noticed it decreasing maybe i have a bug or something causing it on my end…

I does decrease while offline. Don’t know why or how fast but it does decrease.

Wish i could figure it out it makes it hard to get a purge if you miss a day or two

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Just kill stuff AND BUILD sth, to raise it!

Currently I play mostly alone in my clan (vacation, etc). and I have raised my bar full within ~7-10days, but I only build 1 vault in that time, rest was just killing stuff. When I cleared the warmaker dungeon several times, it went up really fast.

iirc it was previously a bug if the meter decreased without getting a purge. I thought they fixed that.

If it was a bug previously should i post something about this in the bug section? As it may be something new the again i have 13 mods on my server but none of them as far as i know touch anything with the purge

I can’t find official patch notes or comments which verify this, but it was a feature according to @Kwalya:

We currently do not have this documented on the wiki.

After reading that then there should be setting line to change it or a way to adjust it by modding in theory?

I’m a bit confused. It seems you want purges, as I do, but you don’t want the meter to go down when you are offline for a period of time.

If this is correct, why not make it increase faster or lower the threshold so you get a purge when playing? Since you are on a private server, that’s just a part of the server settings.

Mine decreases when I don’t play, but I never thought this was a bug, just an incentive to be active.



Yeah i just know there are players who can’t be as active and while i understand where the idea is usefull i don’t want it to be as detrimental say to those who can play only on weekends or a few hours a day so making it climb faster helps but doesn’t help those who can’t play as often if that makes sense

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Monkey, it makes sense, but let me offer another perspective …
Player A is on more than a few hours every weekend, his purge meter climbs each weekend to the point he gets purged. Game mechanics and intended, but at the discretion of the server owner as to how quickly it increases.
Player B is on a few hours a few nights a week, his purge meter climbs faster than it reverts until he gets purged, same game mechanics as above.
Player C is on several hours a weeknight and more than a few hours each weekend. He gets purged multiple times each week.

Isn’t that what you want? Some balancing is required on your part and things may be in disarray until you get it where ‘most’ are satisfied. No one can please everyone, and that was a hard lesson for me to learn.

From my experience: I play every day for multiple hours on a private PvE server. I was getting purged every night, sometimes twice, and got a bit ‘purged out’. So, I asked the server owner to scale it back. Now I get hit every two or three nights and look forward to it.

Just my perspective …



That’s basically what i’m trying to get to. i appreciate the input. I’ll have to look into adjusting the tick rate fir the meter as you suggested. Thank you for the advice and throwing the explanations in the what you said makes a lot of sense.

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