Purge Bar going down too quick over night

I haven’t had a purge in weeks! i play this game for a couple of hours every other day. And every time i come back the purge bar has gone back down to 0. I’m not sure if this is a bug or working as intended. But it means i’m unable to have any purges unless i devote like 12 hours playing this game daily.

This is exactly how it works, you have to do specific task while playing to raise the purge bar (200 points per T1, T2, or T3 piece place for example). In the other hand if you do not do anything that provides points the bar will stay the same and lastly the bar will decrease when you are offline.

You said you only play a couple hours every other day, so that means you are offline over 42 hours every other day. Your bar will decrease faster than it will increase.

Point accumulation:

The following activities performed by players fill the Purge Meter :

  • Log On (100)
  • Timer Tick 60 minutes (62.5)
  • Kill Human (200)
  • Kill NPC (200)
  • Place T1 (200)
  • Place T2 (200)
  • Place T3 (200)

The Purge occurs at a standard 42,000 points. and the Purge Meter Update Interval is used such that during that interval, 1 kill grants the same number of points as do 100 kills. Funcom added a purge meter decrease when players are offline multiple days. This was to try and get purges to activate on current active clans instead of triggering on inactive clans in the server database which had full purge meters but no buildings left on the server to target.

I hope this answers your concern. @LZB_Gattsu


My Purge Bar is Value is at 18,500
And The Interval is 8.

And i came back on and my character purge bar is super low again. I think it’s going down too quick. This can’t be intentional.

I was on the game all of last night and it barely moved.

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LZB, it may very well be unintentional, but I have a suggestion.

Lower your Purge Meter Trigger Value to 1,000 - temporarily. The default is 14,400. I’m not trying to say that is the issue, but going down on that particular setting induces more purges. It also skews the purge meter to faster or slower increases. The higher the value, the slower it appears to move with the actions performed.

Let us know what happens, please.



How often does your server reboot? If not mistaken, a chunk of the meter gets removed on server reboot.

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Once a Day

Since the players on my server love purges, I once tried an experiment where I decreased the “Purge Meter Update Interval” from the default of 15 minutes to 7 minutes.

The strange thing was that it didn’t seem to have much of an impact on things. This made me suspect that the update interval affects both increases and decreases to the purge meter.

What I’ve done since is restore the interval back to 15 minutes but decrease the “Purge Meter Trigger Value” from the default of 42,200 down to 25,000. This had had the desired effect of allowing people’s purge meters to increase more easily.

Another thing that you can do (if you are the server admin) is to manually trigger purges:

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So is the default 14,400? Maybe i should reduce it from 18,400 then

I’m not sure where the 14,400 value is coming from. The default on Official servers is 42,200, and that was the starting value on my GTX server when I rented it as well.

Regardless, the lower your trigger value is, the more quickly it will fill up. I’ve seen some instance where folks unknowingly set it to an extremely low value, and their players were enduring constant purges as a result.