Purge-Meter Bug PVE Conflict 1037

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict 1037
Region: EU

The Main Problem is, that our Purge-meter is depleting (I guess non-stop?)
For example we (2 Player) play for about 5-10 Hour per day and we do all the thing you need to do to push the purge bar (kill, build, craft … etc) - and it fills incredibly slow
We log off at about 23:00 and i log in again on the next day at about 12:00 am CEST
-> Just to see that the Purge-meter dropped a whole 10% ??? You cant tell me, that we have to be online 24/7 to just prevent the purge meter from dropping

We legit only play for the purge, because we want the thralls, so this is srsly bothering us and completly destroys our motivation for this game


You are not the only one, who sees this “Feature” more as a bug and/or annoying.

I didnt ever see any official reply in a thread regarding this matter.

There are 2 theories (or facts): reducing should prevent offline purges - but then only reduce it close under the purge threshold.

The other is, to reduce server cost, because purges need it.
But there can only be 1 active purge in the whole map anyway…

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Well written report, especially for the first time, thanks !

As unfortunate as this is, Jot is spot on and there seems to be no fix in the near future. If I may suggest two things, you will get your purge, one of which retains the PvP-C aspect.

Start your own server, either by renting one (they are rather cheap) or via a dedicated server in one of your homes. You could attract others and set it up your own way, with the conflict aspect. You could start here for instructions.

Play coop, since there are two of you.

Added option: pray to Crom for resolution on the officials :slight_smile:



Thanks for the answers/suggestions, at least we are not the only one :smiley:

Well I get your points, but honestly we want to play on official (cause they should (!) work perfectly fine, especially because they are not even full, max 25/40 players) and this whole offline purge prevention thing is just useless …
I mean if you are playing for purge, you have a well defended base - only for that purpose

It would be fine if it starts dropping after 24h with no action per purge tick but not already after 3-5 Hours offline-time
Its so frustrating that all your work for the purge is gone in the same time you worked for it - that makes no sense
I pray to the gods, that this is not intended from funcom.
otherwise this game - especially PVE - is useless


I had my last purge 1 week ago. And the previous one was 4months ago… (also PvE - got cimmerian at volcano. At the end was an ice dragon there. Looked great)

But I played massive 1 1/2 week ago, when the double XP was going. Since then I am at half. And have the same issue as you…

All what my bar moves, is lost on next login.

You could try carfting >10k things or crafting >150 seeds before going offline. Maybe this helps a little bit…

Be aware there is a limited time during which repeated actions count as 1. Mine is set at 15 minutes, so, whether I kill 1 NPC or 100 NPCs it still only adds 200 points. For what works to help it, see:




Same server same problem. Seems Funcom don’t like purges and are removing them form the game :frowning: Built entire base in teir 3 and only got three quarters of the way up purge bar for it to dissappear over night (well 3 nights but that’s still far to quick).

Hello @Maximalpigment, welcome to the forums!

We’re tracking feedback regarding this particular issue, as it seems that the purge meter may decay too fast in some instances.

It has been previously registered for the developers to consider and we’ll be sure to add your input.


I don’t know about that solution but just turning off the purge my be easier and more painless til its worked out, just saying!!! These 20 min load times are great for the community :rofl: :+1:

I should get a purge tonight… Was over the purge-threshold yesterday midnight. And my previous purge was ~14 days ago.

I play alone… But thanks to Covid I “play” >6hours a day. Or lets say, I am in the game >6hours a day, because 1 day I even forgot Conan and the PS4 auto-shutdown itself after 3hours and NO INPUT :smiley: :smiley:

As soon as I am done with remote-working, I power up the ps4 and login. Even when I dont do anything at all and just turn it off after 6 hours.

But its bad for the environment and some French players wanted to fight me in the PvP-Arena, while I was shopping :smiley: :smiley:

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Little update: Got a purge…

Rocknose purge… Like come on, who wants humanless purges.

And the worst: Its at my mainbase. No purge works at my mainbase… Purge stared 30minutes ago (message came 40mins ago) and I am still in round 1. Have seen 5 rocknoses, which is great compared to all other purges I had so far at my mainbase, where I have seen 0 enemies from some spider purges :smiley:

Mainbase is in river 6H.

So there are several things, which are worse than no purge.
.) monster/animals only purges
.) bugged purges

Only worse would be bugged human purges :smiley:

Now I have to wait, until it times out… Great gameplay :confused:

Edit: And its over :slight_smile: What a waste of time and server-resources :smiley:

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