Trick to getting the purge meter to work

Anyone know the trick to getting the purge meter working? Ive tried every settings possible and we are a big clan.

Are you on xbox? I am having same issue, we are on a dedicated server and have it enabled but the bar won’t budge.

On PC here with a hosted server. Purge worked great for us a week ago, and then I wiped the server for release. Now it won’t work at all. The most we can get on the bar is maybe 1/4 inch filled, then it stops. This is with heavy activity of building/killing/gathering/etc in the Highland area. I’ve messed with the settings, and according to the tool tips it should fill pretty quick.

Im on PC, we cant even get the thing to budge and we build some gigantic structures,
settings are
purge level 4
purges per day 14
no restrict time
purge prep time 4
minumum number of players 1
allow building checked
purge meter trigger value 24000, but tried everything
puge meter update freq 60, but tried everything

I saw an admin command while watching Moos’ live stream. If I’m not mistaken, it’s “fillpurgemeter” followed by “startnextpurgephase”.

ya but dont want to do that, want it to trigger automatically

The commands have been changed. Type Fill into the console and it will give a list of the new associated commands

Shouldn’t have to use commands, kind of breaks the immersion of the game.

crank the update frequency and lower the trigger value. Then be patient cause it’s not a guarantee.

ok, so lowered the trigger value down to 100 and it popped finally, need to find the sweet spot in the trigger value

I went with 500 on my small server. The only down side is the first person to log in gets a purge immediately.

How to do this on xbox as we can’t type in individual numbers?

slider? on xbox

Yes it is, we can’t input manual numbers for some dumb reason

60 for update frequency means 60 minutes. So it only updates number of actions progress once per hour. Try 2 for frequency, and 5000 actions. That means 5000 equals full purge bar. I have nonstop purge triggers on mine.

Will try that Dablizzt.
Set mine for 2000 and 30 minutes.
I wish they would put a readout of purge meter that you can mouse over to see where you are at exactly.
1000,1500 and so on.

Hey Dab.
Are you shure the F.M, is in minutes.?
Set a timer to 30 minutes.
My first update was At About 22 mins.
And for the last 40 mins it’s still at the same place.
Right past the purges first line that it shows you have enough for a possible purge,
F.M. Is set to 30 Min.

I thought I read somewhere minutes. I didn’t start seeing frequent updates until I moved it all the way down. At minimum, my bar is a quarter full by the time I defeat a purge event

Hey Dab.
My meter has not moved since my last post,
Been stuck at about my right big toe looking at pic in inventory.
I wonder if the purge thinks private servers are official servers and only have weekends purges.
Thanks for help.
Going to file a bug report,maybe we can get a answer from a Dev.

thanks for all the help on this, right now i got my set for 15 and 2000 and it seems to be working.

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