Regarding xbox and purge

We have a dedicated server and I was finally excited to finally get a purge, so I enabled it and the purge bar still hasn’t moved even though we have a giant base in the green up north. Is it still broken on xbox? Or are we doing something wrong?

Purge bar hasn’t went up at all even after 6+ hours even though we are only ones on the server.

Anybody from xbox on a dedicated have purge broken? Or is it working fine?

My wife and i are playing the game in coop mode and the purge meter doesn’t budge for us either,
Even after much levelling and base building.

Doesn’t seem to work for me on xbox as well. The hit boxes for mining are still messed up also.

I found out what is causing it, the default purge meter trigger value is way to high, it needs to be around 100 or so but xbox players can’t input manual numbers and mine is going up and down in increments of 300k, I somehow got it to 997 and after placing around 1000 structure peices I now have a full bar.

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