Purge Still Not Working

Game mode: [Online] - Private Rented GPortal Server
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Americas]

Since about 15-May our Purge Meter has been pinned to the Max and we have never had a Purge or even a Purge alert.

It is a 10-person (single clan) server and at the most we have 6 clan members on at a time.

I performed a backup of the server, reinstalled the server, and restored the backup to the server in the hopes of getting the purge to work. We are still pinned to the max on the purge meter and still no purge.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Work to move the Purge Meter to max.
  2. Wait for purge
  3. Wait for purge
  4. Reinstall
  5. Wait for purge
  6. Wait for purge

Are you built up high where nothing can reach you? I get purged ever 2 to 3 days built around the circle of silence

I went through one purge successfully after I first got this game a few weeks ago. Since the patch from two patches ago, my purge meter has been filled to max, and no purge has occurred. My base is fully exposed by The Sentinels and should experience more attacks same as the initial purge, but, alas, no purge has come for, like, at least two weeks.

Since then, about three days ago, I moved to a new base that I don’t imagine can be purged. It’s in a crazy location that is next to water and required a substantial amount of stairs built to allow for an easy relocation. Therefore, I am abandoning the old base to the mercy of the decay system. If there is going to be another purge, then it needs to beat the decay timer, or else they can just go purge themselves for all I care.

I’m on official server 2585.

are you admins? If so you don’t get purged,tested on my server everyone has been hit but my clan,I’m the admin.

We have bases next to the Sentinels, outside of the Den, outside of New Asagard, near the Mound of the Dead. All of these are accessible to the purge.

I am the admin on our private server, none of the other clan members are admins.

That does not make sense that admins are not affected by the purge.

I am not an admin. Just trying to play around the constant game crashes on official server 2585.

I’ve had my server for a long time I have never been purged,the settings do matter but it does not matter if your the only admin. Try separate clans set minimum players to 0 and they will get hit repeatedly. this will also make people quit the server or at least it did on mine,they were hit when they were offline all of them except my clan,I am the only admin in my clan.

just because your meter is full doesn’t mean you will get purged the amount of players that run on official servers will make your percentage drop alot.

A Purge should initiate on a private GPortal server with only 1 clan that has the purge meter at full for well over 1 month. The purge will automatically attack the only clan that exists on a server when the purge meter is at full.

that was for the other guy

I figured it was, but even on other servers I do not see why the admin would be exempt from the Purge.