Purge still not working since 08-May-2018

Game mode: [Online] - Gportal Private Server
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Americas] - In Game [Everywhere]

We have a private rented G-Portal server since 08-May-2018.
There is only 1 clan (6 members) on the server.
We quickly maxed out the Purge Meter, but no Purge ever launches. For almost 5 months we have been waiting for the Purge.

I even backed up the server, reinstalled the server, restored the backup and still nothing.

Here are the current settings on the server.

EDIT: I previously had the purge set up to start at 18:00 and end at 22:00 on Weekdays and Weekends both with and without the Purge Restriction Times set to the same hours for the same days.



Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create 1 clan on the entire server.
  2. Have 6 members in the clan.
  3. Have at least 3 members in the clan in the game a one time.
  4. Build up the purge meter to maximum.
  5. Wait for the purge.
  6. Wait for the purge.
  7. Wait for the purge.

Hi, where you have the 1 in PurgePeriodicity, you need that atleast 12, this ties into Purge update frequency and i would leave the Purge restricted time unchecked for now, :slight_smile: PS. if you want to up your chances of having a purge faster you could lower the Purge update frequency from 15 to 4

PurgePeriodicity of 1 was the default. I will try changing to 12. We do want the purge but do not want to be only fight the purge. LOL

I will also try changing the Purge Update Frequency from 4 to 15 as suggested. I tried to leave as much as the default as possible.

Are you referring to the checkbox for the Purge Restriction Times? If so, currently it is unchecked and should not restrict the time.

PurgeLevel is currently 4 (difficulty) with 15 (more difficult) - This does not appear to change the frequency but the difficulty level.

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Hi, the default is supposed to be 24, and you can leave the purge update frequency at 15, but you might get purges pretty often

No, your level is fine at 4, i find i get a better variety of purges

ClanScoreUpdateFrequency - I believe this is what you suggested to change from 15 to 4.

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The only setting you Have to change is the PurgePeriodicity :slight_smile:

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Yes it was

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This whole thing comes a bit from the fact that purges are still beeing worked on and tweaked, as I see it. At one point along the many threads that purge mechanics have come up, I remember @Tascha stating that those numbers represent a chance of, meaning it may or may not trigger, something that to me, still brings confusion into the whole theme. It would definetly help if there was more info on how purge mechanics work. I know this may be left to us the players to discover, but still it’s bringing up lots of questions, doubts, and misunderstanding of purges. Perhaps a bit clarification on the subject could help not to stir the pot so much, and se could at least have an idea (maybe we don’t need to know 100% how everything works) on what to expect from the purge feature. Don’t you think?

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Have fun

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I agree. Better understanding of the Purge Mechanics would help, but if a Purge Meter has been at Max for 5 months (with the settings at default) and with only 1 clan understanding the mechanics or not, the purge should have happened at least once by now otherwise the imminent threat of danger wanes.

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We’ll have updates coming for the Purge with the next TestLive patch, which is either tomorrow or Saturday depending on how much additional fixes we can finalize and want to be included :slight_smile:

We’ve also been working on a write-up about the Purges to clarify. We’ll post that as soon as it’s ready.


exciting news.


Could someone also change the setting for purges on the testlive server after that patch so that we can actually test these updates? (Like online only and during 24h for instance)Oh and while they are at it, ask them to please build in a daily server restart and correct the multiplier on US. :wink:Ty.

After making the suggested changes to the server: ClanScoreUpdateFrequency from 15 to 4 and PurgePeriodicity from 1 to 12, as I was logging into the server I heard the Horn signalling a Purge was going to strike.

After getting into the server, I checked the map to see where the purge would strike as we have multiple bases. There was no indication that any camp would be attacked.

The 10-minute prep time did not even pass when there was another blast of the horn and the message that “DARFARI HORDE WAS DEFEATED”. The only problem is that there never really was any attack. :frowning:


Dare we hope that manual purge triggering will be in these updates? Feeling forced to play every single day for the entire purge window is beginning to get old.

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You’re not allowed to have a life outside Conan Exiles! How dare you suggest that, you filthy casual!


Offline purging is intended. A “purge me now” button would throw the purge system off balance (both in chance/amount and in putting yourself in front of others) and I imagine the one thing it is used for if anything is just either grinding (which would then need a delay of its own)

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