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Somewhat worrying but still…

Ok, we now have a buffed thrall who runs around without a brain, who does not attack when he needs to(all those saying the thralls work: I invite you to EU1 Testlive, come to my base and I will lure some world monsters in, grab some popcorn and observe. After finishing your popcorn, then tell me if you think they work ok) who still follows you backwards, who still teleports to his own death, runs away from a fight, etc etc

they are unplayable… they need a daily server restart and correct settings, I know… monitoring, stress testing, complexity and underlying system etc… but still, before inviting players on your test servers, please make them testable first? Ty

Could you explain this a little bit more? can we have a list of bugs being worked on? FYI Issues Status - PC - #5 by Tascha has not been updated for 1 month now.

Is there a list with a status? Can you give an overview of fixes being included/investigated based on the posted bug reports?

Very nice, altho enhancing/improving is maybe not the right way to describe it. Ty for completing the event log mechanism.




Oh Please! It would set many a mind at ease to be able to actually see an ‘updated’ list. Issues Status - PC hasn’t been updated in a month and doesn’t cover many of the reported problems shared in Testlive and Live.


Solid feedback Skinny. Thanks for including the note about the purge update hitting testlive, I somehow missed that so that was news to me.

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Tbh I almost missed it myself, it is kinda strange that it was not specifically mentioned in the newsletter, but it is surely something I’m looking forward to. I also asked to change the settings on testlive to ‘only online and during 24h’ so that we can test the updates for the purge on the test servers also and not only in private or SP.


Wow, I would have definitely missed the purge one. It was hidden away in the Xbox updates, lol. My small army hungers for battle and some purges would definitely be a welcome sight in Testlive. My meter keeps resetting, so I have no idea if I’ve been getting purged or not…

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Added Purge TestLive statement to the wiki. Thank you for the heads-up

(For more information about The Purge, see https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/athe_Purge )

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