Don't release a feeding system for Thralls & Pets until it's THOROUGHLY tested

So reading your latest newsletter, you’re talking about also making it so that you have to feed thralls as well or they will die. Since we all have experienced how buggy funcom’s patches have been in the past, this one might either make it or break it for people and drive the remaining player base away.

Having feeding boxes & thrall pots that automatically feeds your base npc’s might sound like a good idea, doesn’t bring unnecessary work to have to run around your base, placing food in thralls inventory everyday. Also removes the floating thralls on pve servers that sticks around after the player left.

But what if it’s broken? And since players have relied on it to keep their thralls alive, they decide to leave them for some time (going to sleep) just to log in the next day and see that all their thralls are dead. This is the first thing that comes up in my mind after reading the newsletter.
If you don’t make sure that it works as it should before you release it on live, it will be the final nail in the coffin.


Which is why it would be very helpful for people to join in on the Testlve if they are not tied to a particular server at the moment.

Placing thralls and food pots about to see the effective range.
Leaving thralls to starve.
Seeing what happens with decay.
Making sure timers are working properly.
Testing solo and multiplayer.

There’s numerous other ways to test and make sure that some changes didn’t affect other parts of the game code ( like fence foundations). A handful of volunteer testers can help, but the more eyes on the situation, the more thorough the results will be when it goes Live (and the better the description to help devs find the source of issues).

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Or even better, fix thralls before you make it even harder to maintain them. Just a wild thought.


That’s a bit too much to ask don’t you think? :stuck_out_tongue:

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We plan to have the new mechanics on TestLive for quite a while and really invite you to test it out and give us feedback. It’s your chance to properly get a feel for it and help us fine tune new mechanics. That is also one of the reasons we created a dedicated TestLive forum section :slight_smile:

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Has there been any consideration or movement towards establishing a TestLive server or equivalent for console players? I would like to be able to test the new stuff out and provide feedback. But, in order to do so it would seem I need to buy another copy of the game to use the TestLive server on Steam-- which is something I’d rather not do. Additionally, it seems some of the issues that arise on consoles are different from those on PC.

I’m sure I’m not the only console player who would appreciate the opportunity to assist with feedback on the TestLive versions of the game.

If something like this already exists, I apologize for wasting your time, and could you point me in the right direction?

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