Something is wrong with the feed system

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Something is wrong with the feed system … The patch 34 has been out for over a week now and all the lost thralls still alive. I had a neighbor who has not been around for months but his thralls are still alive.

Not really surprising, I didn’t have any expectation that they’d get this right out of the gate. I suspect the issue is that thralls only “eat” when they are active, and that only happens if there is a player somewhere in their vicinity. For example, I have a dancer thrall stationed at a public map I built in the volcano, accessible but not really in a “high traffic” position. Her food consumption is very low, probably only when I explicitly go visit to refresh the decay timer on the map. On the other hand, the fighter guards at my own base consume food regularly. Over the same time period, that dancer’s food consumption is probably 1/10th of what the guard thralls’ is.

So unless players are constantly hanging out where those abandoned thralls are, they’re still effectively immortal. And to add a twist to it, some of them are floating in the middle of the air so high, I’m not sure they even register a player as being in their vicinity, even if you’re standing right under them.

What I really don’t understand with all this is that Funcom has a decay system that (more or less) already works. They could have simply extrapolated that to include thralls and pets like any other placed item. Don’t visit your thrall for 144 hours? Thrall dies. Simple, straight forward. And yet, what we got was this wonky feeding system that doesn’t really work correctly. Go figure.

Funcom is investigating reports of some official servers having abandoned thralls still present. If you are on an official server then I suggest you add to this post what server it is so they can add it to the list to investigate.

I’m on an official pve server, oceanic and for the most part the abandoned thralls have disappeared. It took longer than the expected 7 days though …more like ten days… Occasionally I’ll come across some remaining so possibly they are bugged…

When palm522 reported that thralls on his server without food was having their timers reset I decided to test it on our server as abandoned thralls were still there a week after the feeding mechanic release.
I abandoned a level 1 fighter with 300 health on the morning of 12 October…have been checking him regularly since … as at 22 October morning he has about 2.5 hr left on his timer and 1/100 on food circle… so it looks like it about ten days to die IF it’s working.

If it were not so sad, it would be funny.
that means I have to stay 6 days at the lost thralls so they starve!?
the feed system has not been introduced to take all lost thralls from the server !?
So right now it just makes the active player more work

[EU] Official server #2000 PvE

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