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Bringing it in line with the same problems encountered on the previous platforms to which is was rolled out… beats me…

I fully understand, but not being able to reply to each comment is a far cry from replying to 1 post in the testlive category… -> see devtracker

Personally I have not seen many positive things being posted.

What exactly was the reason to be adding this on a broken thrall mechanism?

Does that mean it was put on testlive in a version that did not represent how you envisioned it yourself?

There is no doubt that you are able to make it look awesome, but we rather would like it to work awesome. Adding even more stuff? Adding even more problems? What exactly is the point? Can you please fix the game as it is first?

Sorry if I’m being negative again, but tbh there is not much to be positive about? And again don’t get me wrong, I want new stuff, I like new stuff, but not when it is being added to a broken game.


The offhand combat is working and I do like the shield combo… so there’s that positive feedback…

The dungeon wouldn’t be too bad, if it was working properly. I saw someone bragging about being able to beat the bull naked in Solo, then complaining a day or 2 later that it was OP when they tried it on the servers. (lag)

There will be no point in fish traps anymore. It’ll be faster to just gather seeds for oil than gather insects to bait the traps. Faster to run to the Swungle and farm komodos for ichor than harvest shellfish.

Thrall AI is so dumb right now, that pets are just going to get in the way or be lawn ornaments once the system is implemented. Speaking of which, this feeding system could work if the timers are changed drastically. Eating a roasted haunch every 45 seconds is not acceptable, but even relaxed to a stack a day gets overbearing. A full thrall inventory should last MORE than a week, so that we don’t have to spend hours a week making food for a small squadron.

I think you missed a quote from when they did answer questions. “That’s not how game development works” in reference to someone asking about getting bug fixes before new content. sigh


i was trying to look fro that quote. to respond it.

but was unable to do so,…

judging by the state of the game its clear who ever said that has no clue how the gamers and the industry works) lol


I totally agree, the new dual wield is very nice and I do like it also, there is indeed something positive :slight_smile: and also on the reply, you are right again, they did give 1 reply :slight_smile: The dungeon, I dunno what to think about it, I think it will bore very quickly and currently on testlive server EU3 I have not seen 1 boss yet in there, so cannot judge on that yet. Pets and thrall feeding is completely useless in it’s current state and is creating new problems to be added to the pile of old problems.


TestLive Pets, combat and Dungeons update, oh my! [17/08/2018] This is the post he said it in.

Correct, I have edited the OP :slight_smile:

Yeah the Dungeon is rad, whispery, mystical … if you ain’t a gamma goober it’s a little frightening. The petroglyphs are a really sweet touch, and the art style is reminiscent of one of my very favorite fantasy games, American McGhee’s Alice. Good fights from the NPCs, but the dungeon paths are really predictable. It’s not very much a maze. And if you’re specced correctly, the medallion bosses will let you leave aggro with a huge gas cloud surrounding and killing them. Lots to troubleshoot there, not to mention the idea of a no-rules teleport potion. You can avoid the death strike from Terrible Toro if you time your purple potion just right. Bit of a Mulligan, in an otherwise unsettled game of midnight putt-putt.

Dig the dual wield/carousel and the Brad Pitt strike. Looking forward to a proper ruleset for the pike so that servers are less Gretzky and more Sonja. After Thrall AI improving the pike would be next on my list. :slight_smile:


Bonjour à vous Funcom,voilà depuis que vous parlez de cet mise à jour des familiers (Pets) j’aimerais avoir une date ou 2 dates approximatives pour celle ci car ceci devient très long… Un conseil par la même occasion ,ne dévoilé pas autant de contenus sur les mises à jour alors qu’elles ne sont pas terminés au risque bien entendus de décevoir pas mal de monde !.. Je suis un joueur Français et j’ai aperçu que pas mal de gens décroche du jeu qui eux même avouent que se jeu est fantastique et que les possibilités sont plus nombreuses que sur d’autres jeux,mais que les mises à jours peines à arrivés alors que les annonces sont postées à la volée… Pour le bien du jeu je vous fais part de se sentiments partagé par de nombreux joueurs :v:

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