Testlive Patch (13.06.2020) - Balancing and Avatars Rev.2

Greetings once again, Exiles of the Testlive lands!

Here comes the second revision of our next update, this time focusing on a few AI and general issues. We’ve also bundled in some crash and exploit fixes while we continue our work on readying this patch for prime time.

As always, we welcome any feedback you might have once you’ve given this revision a try.

Thanks again for your ongoing support. Stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.

Currently Known Issues

  • We’re aware of some connectivity issues happening while playing on the Testlive separate client. Current workaround is to play this revision using the beta branch of the game instead. More instructions about that down below.
  • Please remember that this is a Work in Progress build of the game. As such many features might not work as intended, be incomplete, or present issues. Please let us know of any issues you found while testing by following these steps.


  • Fixed a number of crashing issues.
  • Fixed a number of connectivity issues regarding FLS.


  • Fixed an issue where rules of engagement of a server could be overridden to cause unintended damage to structures.


  • Adjusted leashing distance for the Red Mother. She can now travel a longer distance before returning to her initial position.
  • Thralls can perform power shots again while using a bow.
  • Fixed an issue where thralls could be commanded to damage other players, but could not be damaged back.


  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive fall damage.
  • Fixed an issue where voice chat muting wasn’t working as intended.


  • Fixed an issue in regards of players not being visible in the player list.


Separate TestLive Product on Steam

We heard your input regarding the inconvenience with having to switch back and forth between the main game and our TestLive servers. To make it easier for you and because we really value your testing and feedback, we added a separate product for the TestLive server on Steam.

If you own Conan Exiles on Steam, you should now see a separate Product called “Conan Exiles - Testlive Client” in your library which gives you the option to install an additional instance of the game specifically for the TestLive servers. Please be aware that this will prompt you for a full additional installation.

We are aware that not everyone wants install or has space for two full installations. For those of you who don’t want to play through the additional TestLive Client, you can still access the TestLive servers through our old method.


In an ideal world there are still two things I would like to see come of these planned Rebalancing patches:

  • The first is for player characters to recieve a small buff (perhaps to Vitality), as opposed to just straight-up nerfs to followers. This does not make us feel more heroic. If you all want us to feel more like heros, and we are going to adjust followers down, it would be nice to also please adjust players up slightly.

  • The second is that I would strongly encourage you guys to adjust the disparity between Pets and Thralls. Pets are just not competitive by comparison. Pets can not be given stronger sets of armor, equipped with better weapons, or equipped with gas masks. Would it be possible to give pets something to bring them up to par? Eg- a larger health pool, larger passive agility bonus, gas immunty, etc. Just something, anything would be great.

Thanks Funcom. Keep building upon this amazing game, I love it.


I second gas immunity on pets. It could be as simple as fodder for a buff.

I like using the orbs for crowd control, but friendly fire is the pits.


I have managed to log on TestLive now without having to do any shenanigans. Still no launcher though.

Is it intentional that all my thralls that had weapons in their inventory now keep them drawn even when not in combat stance (except for dancers, they keep their weapons in the inventory)?

P.S. I’ve got a random game black screen (+ game not responding) when alt+tab but it happened only once so it might be just an isolated incident. If it starts happening more frequently or I manage to reproduce it, I will make a separate report about it. I only post it here in case anyone else has the same experience, at the moment it is not an issue per se.

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Can’t find any official servers with testlive client, i can only see one server and it unoffcial
Tryed diffrent filters and rebooting…
Just me ?

“Adjusted leashing distance for the Red Mother”

This being ticketed as something to be fixed is a bit odd tbh… That’s almost as simple as changing a single value on a variable which is what, 2 seconds of work unless the codebase is a mess

When you have dragons glitching thralls into the floor so they can’t attack, or the red mother falling through the floor and disappearing, which resets the spawn, the focus shouldn’t be on leashing lol. Can we get some actual fixes in soon?



Logged in per the latest dual installation method with no ill effects, TY.

There may be some issues with existing thralls and their STR and ACC multipliers. Will explore.

Thanks, and regards


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On the second, yeah 100% agree. Pets are totally RP right now. Have no value in base PVE or PVP.

ON first…i will be posting a video later today of me running with a Dafari I fighter. the Dafari I fighter will be geared to the 10’s. Just a brief run through, and i was the hero and able to defeat bosses, with the thrall acting as help and interference. But new patch, so I will have to re do the run.

A longer leash allows you to travel farther, which will teleport the thrall to ground level. It’s not an ideal fix, but it’s a suitable workaround.

Same. I also tried singleplayer mode in the unmodded testlive client and was able to start a new game and do my new character ritual, ending at newb river. So even though the testlive client isn’t officially fixed, it may be an option for some now, where it wasn’t previously.
*This behavior of showing only one server is also present for me in the live client. I’m unable find the server to login on my preexisting character. Does anyone know how I can find the direct connect for Combat_Testlive_US3_PvE server?

I agree, but:

  1. If the vitality is buffed also damage needs a buff, because I think the balancing is good enough in pvp

  2. I think pets should be more viable with the thralls nerf. Pets and Thralls should be different things tho, I don’t know if Funcom thought like me or it is just a personal point of view, but I see pets like more viable to kill an enemy in pvp: they hit more accurately and often against players, make jumps, bleeding, knock out and have faster movement. Thralls are more like brutal strenght, the best in pve for sure, and you need another thrall to take them out… I’d like pets and thralls to be more of a “choice dependant by situation” so maybe if they buff pets they would just be what thralls are now: meta.

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According to this webpage the IP/port for US3 PVE is Screencap was the result. Does this mean we need to wait for server reset before being able to log in to official or is this another case of operator error?
*Just to remove the most obvious variable, I waited until the patch was downloaded and applied to both clients before launching either version. AFAIK, my client is up to date.

No fixes for the hates lists??? Could I ask what A.I. and thrall issues that have been reported in the last two weeks were fixed with this patch so if can get in to test live can test them again please and thank you. :slight_smile:

I have managed to log in normally via steam today. I haven’t done any workarounds. Are you still not able to?

Oh I also just got in with the steam client after this new update. Thanks @Ignasi good to see this fix, nice work for me at least.

After today’s update, I was able to launch the testlive client, and using no workarounds or mods was able to start a new game in singleplayer mode and proceed normally. Is this still not the case for you?

I think the question @Shadoza has: is any successfully playing Testlive with Windows 7?

And greater pets need an increased damage modifier. Maybe to 1.5.


Singleplayer mode

I tried various methods of evasion in an attempt to cause the infinite combat music. NPCs and mobs tested against were hyenas, green dragon hatchling, scorpions, and the unfortunately-still-hostile bearer NPC in Sepermaru. Methods of evasion included sprinting out of render distance, sprinting but remaining in render distance, climbing walls and holding position on the wall, climbing to an unreachable area, and passing aggro onto another mob. I’m pleased to report that only one of the scenarios I attempted resulted in the combat music getting stuck.

The scenario that caused aggro to get stuck was when a hyena aggro’d onto an antelope and I sprinted to an area I believed to be out of render distance (cannot verify 100% as there was no line of sight). I waited in a safe zone inside UC until I was convinced the music would not stop. I then proceeded to aggro a green dragon hatchling, causing a different combat music to play, and successfully evaded it. This cleared the toggle allowing music to change back to the ambient music.

Although it wasn’t game breaking like some other issues, I’m sure many users will welcome this fix.

*I believe I’ve found another scenario where the combat music gets stuck. Upon character death when the bed/bedroll is sufficiently far enough away from where the death occured. After the death music finishes, the combat music will resume. If the player respawn is near enough to the area of death, the ambient music will begin. I could only duplicate it when respawn was too far away from the area of death.

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@Ciero9 Oh, thanks for pointing where the issue might be for Shadoza. I am using Win10 so I have no idea whether it works well or not with Win7.

Undead pets should be immune to gas because they are undead.