Testlive Update 2.5 (24.06.2021) - The QoL and Bugfixing update!


This is a work in progress build and as such, neither of the changes and implementations found in it are final. Neither is the patchnotes document, which will be updated, corrected and completed over the Testlive period to better reflect the work in progress nature of this build.

Greetings, Exiles of the Testlive lands!

Surprise! Welcome to an early taste of 2.5, a major new update for Conan Exiles focused on Quality of Life changes and bug-fixing some of the most reported issues. We’ve been working hard to bring you this early look at our next update before the Summer, which includes a ton of requested features and improvements to make your adventures in Conan Exiles more memorable.

We’ve added new smaller animal pens, so you can tame your animal companions without requiring the size of a Cimmerian city. We have also worked now on an option to let you see your most recently used weapon sheathed on your character…and that of other characters too! (but we’re still actively working on this, so expect some WIP shenanigans on this initial build!). We also added a much-requested setting that will let you control how much damage thralls do to other NPCs, letting you customize your journey from trivial to PAIN without a sweat!

Coming with 2.5 is also one of the most extensive balance passes yet, tweaking many weapon types and items, as well as overhauling and reworking several weapon types! This also comes with new animations for these weapons, as well as tweaks and improvements to animations to make the game more immersive. And as a cherry on top, we’ve bundled in an extensive amount of bug-fixing and optimizations, ranging from some of the most requested ones (Sandstorm, anyone?) to…rabbits. It’s all in here!

We’re very excited to bring you this update early so you can download it and give it a try and help us shape it during its Testlive period! If you give it a try, please let us know what you think of it and help us shape into its better version before it is released live after the summer break.

Thanks once again for your feedback and support, and stay safe!


Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed. For the purposes of testing, we recommend not using any mods when playing on Testlive.


New Small Animal Pens!

A smaller version of the animal pen is now available. It can be placed more easily as it takes a smaller footprint, but it can only hold one animal at a time!

Display your sheathed weapon!

You can now show your most recently used weapon sheathed on your player character! And you can see other players’ sheathed weapons as well! You prefer old-school? No problem! You can customize this new feature with new settings!

Extensive balance changes and overhauls!

Many weapon types and items have received an extensive balance pass! Moreover, Greataxes, Katanas and Claw Weapons have undergone a massive overhaul changing how they behave in combat, including some new sets of animations!


  • New Small Animal Pens!
  • Display sheathed weapons on your character!
  • Extensive balance changes!
  • Katanas, Greataxes and Claw weapon overhauls!
  • New and improved weapon animations for Katanas, Greataxes and Claw Weapons!
  • Stability and performance improvements!
  • And many, many, MANY bugfixes!


Separate TestLive Product on Steam

We heard your input regarding the inconvenience with having to switch back and forth between the main game and our TestLive servers. To make it easier for you and because we really value your testing and feedback, we added a separate product for the TestLive server on Steam.

If you own Conan Exiles on Steam, you should now see a separate Product called “Conan Exiles - Testlive Client” in your library which gives you the option to install an additional instance of the game specifically for the TestLive servers. Please be aware that this will prompt you for a full additional installation.

We are aware that not everyone wants install or has space for two full installations. For those of you who don’t want to play through the additional TestLive Client, you can still access the TestLive servers through our old method.



  • Fixed a number of crashes and stability issues.
  • Optimized memory management across many systems of the game to improve performance, especially on consoles.
  • More notably, we’ve also focused on optimizing the Exiled Lands to consume less memory and resources, for a smoother experience especially on consoles.
  • Optimized the Admin panel spawn list to be less resource intensive.
  • Optimized the blood system to be less resource intensive. The same amount of barbarism, at a lesser cost!
  • Revamped visual quality scalability settings for PC and added new Cinematic graphical setting.


  • Added new improvements to the Anti-Undermesh tool on the Siptah map. This is still not enabled on official servers as we continue work on it.
  • Fixed an issue with the Vault refresh system.
  • Fixed an undermesh exploit.


  • Blacklisting feats is now possible via settings ini file.FeatsBlacklist=("x”) extended by FeatsBlacklist=(“x”, “y”, “z”)
  • 4 new weapon recipes have been added and classified as claw weapons:
    • Bone Claws given with the Skirmisher feat at level 6.
    • Iron Punching Daggers at level 13.
    • Steel Punching Daggers at level 32
    • Hardened Steel Punching Daggers at level 54.
  • A new Small Animal Pen is now available in the game. This new option takes way less space than its bigger counterpart, but in exchange can only hold one animal at a time.
  • Implemented new NPC enemy. This is for now only available in the admin panel as it is still a Work in Progress.
  • New server setting has been added under the “General” tab: “Disable building during time restricted PvP”. If enabled, this setting will prevent players from building during “Time-Restrict PvP Building Damage” times.
    • A whitelist function for this new setting is also available for server admins.
  • A new server setting has been added for modifying thrall damage done to NPCs. Yes, finally.
  • Frostsmithing has now been expanded to include more weapon types (Great Sword, Arrows, Maul, War-Axe, Daggers, Shield and Spear).
  • (WORK IN PROGRESS) Recently equipped weapons now appear sheathed on the player character. There is a gameplay setting which can be used to turn the feature on/off. It also can be used to have the feature only work for your character, but not for other players.


  • Added some modifications to the placement logic of fishing and crab traps that should make them easier to place on water.
  • Adjusted collision hitboxes of the Devolved Insignia and Hanging War banners to avoid some unwanted placement issues.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to place doors without doorframes.
  • Fixed Khitan doorways not allowing doors to be placed within them under certain circumstances.
  • Right sloping inverted wall pieces were missing the directional arrow. This has now been fixed.
  • Trebuchets can no longer be built and operated from inside a roofed structure.
  • Siptah now shares the same height-restriction when it comes to buildings as the Exiled Lands.


  • It is now possible to learn the Stygian Invader armor from the main Stygian camp in the East of Siptah and when learned, can be crafted in any Armorer’s bench.
  • The Voidforged Vagabond Set can now be dismantled.
  • Crafting the Throne of Skelos should now provide experience as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the Early Access Wartorn Rhino skin was not showing. Wartorn Rhino recipe will now show up when the correct feats have been learned (Firebowl Cauldron).
  • Fixed a math error in calculating resource counts when factoring in resources already allocated for recipes in the crafting queue. This caused crafting extra components than needed in some situations.
  • Primeval armorset now costs star-metal to craft as intended.
  • Conan’s Royal Armor and Atlantean sword can now be crafted properly again.
  • Wartorn Fodder and Sea Salted Fodder were missing Yellow Lotus as an ingredient required for crafting. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed Rhino recipes that were missing Fodder as crafting ingredient.


  • Fixed an issue where damage would be applied twice when hitting a player in water.
  • Fixed an issue where healing items would not apply correctly on female characters under specific circumstances.
  • Weapons now store their original modification kits and the icon for these kits reappear after any poison-indicators have been removed (requires re-equipping the weapon). In addition, poison indicators are now properly removed once the poison on the weapons has been used up.
  • Fixed weapon trail FX on final 1h axe + offhand axe attack to not display a non-existing Sunder effect.
  • Fixed weapon trail FX on overhead chop attack with 2h sword to not display a non-existing Sunder effect.
  • Fixed remaining known instances where animation cancelling could be triggered.
  • Baboons now yield XP when killed.
  • Armor modification kits now requires the armor to be at 100% durability before they can be applied.


  • Rejoice, rabbit lovers: Your favorite lagomorphs are now capable of navigating The Accursed camp correctly. [Edit 2021/06/25 - Updated taxonomy post-1912]
  • Fixed an issue with incorrectly named spawn tables for Dogs of the Desert surge blacksmiths.
  • Deep One Archers are now less prone to shoot prisoner NPCs locked behind bars in the Dagon Dungeon, because that was a little bit rude.
  • Fixed an issue where bosses inside Vaults would not spawn in single player or co-op under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would sometimes fail to spawn under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the Degenerate boss from the Well of Skelos dying on its own and not respawning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Thralls using katanas could stop moving when their targets moved out of their attacks range.
  • Sent some Siptah NPCs to pathfinding 101 and they should now be less likely to get stuck in random pieces of terrain in camps.
  • Siptah pets now generate excrements when placed in the Animal Pen. Thank you, dung-eon master.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause certain Black Corsair Thralls to have no growth curve.
  • NPCs near the Well of Skelos should no longer attack each other.
  • Baby animals now cry for help when you savagely take them away from their beloved families and home. This will trigger an aggro response from their nearby, devastated and obviously angry relatives. Who is the monster now?


  • The purge system no longer reports intermediate wave start/end events to the event log. It now reports when the purge starts, and when it ends.
  • Purges are no longer spawning in the Southern region of the noob river. Giving them a chance, you know?


  • 2H Hammers have received a balance pass:
    • Increased base penetration values by roughly 42%.
    • Reduced stamina cost of heavy attacks by 20%.
    • Increased base damage values by 16%.
    • Increased the combo damage multiplier of the second to last heavy hit in the heavy attack chain.
  • Pikes have received a balance pass:
    • Reduced stamina cost of light attacks by 15%.
    • Reduced stamina cost of heavy attacks by 25%.
    • Improved the timing of the final light attack’s movement cancellation. You can now move after this attack at the same point you could attack again.
  • 2H Swords have received a balance pass:
    • Increased hyper armor coverage for light attacks to extend to the point of being able to transition into a new attack.
    • Reduced the recovery time for the final attack in the light attack chain.
  • Significantly reduced crafting time for all bandages and healing potions:
    • Basic potion crafting time reduced to 10 seconds.
    • Crafting time for all other potions have been reduced to 20 seconds.
    • Basic Wraps crafting time reduced to 5 seconds.
    • Crafting time for all other Wraps have been reduced to 10 seconds.
  • Greataxes have received a major overhaul:
    • Fast light attack chain that can be chained endlessly. These attacks use quick jabs and strikes that use other parts of the axe, but deal less damage.
    • Slow and wide sweeping heavy attacks that bypass blocking.
    • Holding down the Special attack key will allow you to block incoming attacks.
    • These weapons will keep the old moveset: Voidforge Greataxe, Trollbane, Ripping Great Axe, The Beak, Scythe of Thag.
  • Katanas have received an overhaul:
    • Added a new quick light attack chain of horizontal attacks allowing easier crowd control with the katana.
    • Added a new heavy attack set that is slower and more powerful.
    • Moved the existing charge up dash attack to the special attack button.
  • Claw weapons have received a major overhaul.
    • Light attacks are fast and can be chained infinitely, but if they are blocked, you will be vulnerable for longer than usual.
    • Heavy attacks are slower and apply bleed effects. The final heavy strike is quite powerful, but is only accessed via performing all heavy attacks in a row. To help with getting to that final strike, these attacks will not be interrupted by a blocking defender.
    • Special attack is a quick 3 hit combo that cannot be interrupted by a blocking defender. Light and heavy attacks can combo into this strike.
    • The following existing items will now use this new animation set. Their stats have been updated to match the new weapon type, but their special effects remain intact: Berserker’s Fistblades, Brittle Edge, Rip and Tear, Serpentes Chakram, Featherlight Chakram, Blood-Moon Chakram, Black Claws, Claws of the Great Wolf, Blooded Claws, Claws of the Wolf, Claws of Jhebbal Sag, Bestial Claws, Knave’s Knives, Blood-Moon Punching Daggers, Diseased Spike, Nimblefinger.
  • The Throwing Axe of Nergal will now vanish after it been reduced to 0 durability
  • The Penetrator has received a bump in base damage:
    • Normal version from 2 to 16.
    • Epic version from 3 to 24.
    • AP ironically stays at 34%. #nice
  • Healing Potions no longer remove Bleed effects.
  • Potion healing buff is now removed when non-bleed damage is received.
  • Reduced duration of knockdown effect applied by horses ramming into players to 1.5s (was 2.5s).
  • Humanoid NPCs (including thralls) will now gain temporary immunity to weapon hit stagger effects after being affected by them for an extended period of time.
  • Fish in FishTraps, Shellfish in ShellfishTraps, Putrid Meat and Fat Grubs in Compost Bin all now spoil at a slower rate.
  • Reduced the weight of the figurines used to summon bosses in the Pool of the Grey Ones.
  • Reduced the amount of chops on Cobras from 1-2 to 1. #cobranchopchop no more.


  • Added an arrow as outer face indicator when placing a building piece.
  • Added small visual hint to in-world interactable objects to make them easier to be detected.
  • Added new setting to change the color of clan member health bars to better differentiate them from NPCs.
  • New gameplay settings have been added:
    • “Always show health bars” will cause the health bars of all entities in the world to always be visible, within a certain distance.
    • “Health bar max display range” controls the maximum range at which health bars are visible.
  • Worked on a few improvements to radium torches so they can accept dyes of any color, be less resource intensive and be more mod-friendly.
  • The “no cost building” admin option has now a UI toggle instead of requiring an obscure combination of key presses.
  • Connecting to a passworded server using a controller should now require less presses of a button.
  • Added new setting to display the health value of thralls and other NPC on their health bars.
  • Added a new gameplay setting to hide buff banners on the HUD.
  • Added a new gameplay setting to scale the size of buff banners on the HUD.
  • The “Apprentice Butcher” feat is now given out at player start. It used to cost 0 and was available at level 1, so it made no sense to require a specific unlock for this.


  • Fixed an issue where Entertained buffs would not stack on players when only one thrall was in range.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grey Ones Pool Altars would disappear from view abruptly instead of descending once their function was over.
  • Fixed a visual issue where a decal would be placed on the player’s weapon in the Volary of the Harpy.
  • Fixed a number of issues where Elder Essence would not spawn correctly in many essence chests across Siptah.
  • Fixed an issue where “The Shadow out of time” achievement would not unlock with certain items that required Eldarium to craft.
  • Fixed a visual imperfection in the Dyer’s Bench model.
  • Both the EL and IOS variants of the Flesh of Rememberance should now be possible to burn in altars. In addition, it should now be possible to burn offerings in the Zath altar as well as possible to burn the Zath tokens in other altars.
  • The “Storm Dissipation Time” server setting is now functional.
  • Character copy now transfers attribute points correctly when transfering back and forth quickly.
  • Interacting with bear traps now arms or disarms them.
  • Pirate banners should now animate correctly in the Exiled Lands.
  • Sigil of the Serpent should no longer remove the Jhil’s Stamina buff from the Gloves of Jhil.
  • Auto-equip should now work if you harvest your corpse first, and try to loot the bag that appears afterwards.
  • Vanity camera should no longer break the ability to rotate the camera manually in the Orb of Nergal.
  • Similarly, gameplay actions should now not be performable while in the Orb of Nergal.
  • Leyshrine Braziers and Broken Levers are now protected from being destroyed by Admin Shift-Del commands.
  • Are you still reading? Yes? Good, let’s keep going.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Defeat a World Boss” journey step could be triggered by killing a Desert Snake. They’re nasty, but not that much.
  • Fixed an issue where items would sometimes not be rendered correctly in the inventory under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the “Take all”/“Loot all” option to not be available on certain crafting stations when playing with a controller.
  • Potions now expire if placed in a pet or mount inventory, as intended.
  • ALAS, THE TIME HATH COMETH! We have fixed an issue that would cause hair and clothing physics to break when character size has been changed from default values.
  • “Loot all” should now properly loot all the items in the shortcut bar as well.
  • Relocated several base game assets to their correct folders.
  • Additional instances where Exceptional and Flawless items were present in the game have now been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sandstorm would appear invisible but still deal damage.
  • Fixed a number of issues that would cause the character to fail at grabbing an edge after climbing, and falling down while yelling “Funcoooooooooom!”.
  • Fixed a number of situations where the player is kicked out of climbing while climbing a valid surface.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause artisan thralls in crafting stations display their default model (the “white haired dude”).
  • Fixed an issue where the wooden chest beneath Traitor’s Falls would not give out any loot.
  • Iron broadsword is now lootable.
  • Removed one Chapter IV and one Chapter V journey step from the Exiled Lands, since there was 1 too many of them in those slots (Gain animal companion and mount).
  • Loot chests will now generate their loot upon triggering LOD, instead of upon interacting with the chest. This should solve a number of issues where the contents were invisible when opening a chest.


  • Fixed a significant number of visual imperfections in props and geommetry across Siptah.
  • Adjusted no build radius around some of the Small Camps in Siptah’s new lands to avoid causing issues with NPC spawns.
  • Fixed an issue with some funky-looking water shaders in the lake near the Breach in the Exiled Lands.
  • Additionally, we fixed some of that extra-funky looking water in other areas of the Exiled Lands. Now it should look consistently funky.
  • Fixed some inconsistent climbing blocks in Leyshrine Camps.
  • Fixed a missing water mesh in the Exiled Lands.
  • Added NPCs, chests and interactive spots to one of the Siptah’s new lands camps that was missing them.
  • One of the Siptah journals could not be interacted with due to terrain mesh getting in the way. This has now been fixed.
  • We’ve adjusted collision detections for debris in Vaults and ruins to make navigation in those areas less frustrating.
  • Tweaked environmental lighting in some of the Siptah NPC camps.
  • Fixed the spawn point for Lacerte to not be inside a wall. Welp.
  • On that same note, we fixed a bunch of NPCs that would spawn under the mesh.
  • NPCs that spawned hovering in the air have also been fixed.
  • Removed a hoofed ruminant mammal from a Siptah camp so it doesn’t wander in and cause chaos. Oh deer.
  • Corrected a spawn point at “The Rave in the Rubble” that caused a T4 priest to spawn there with a 100% rate.
  • Obsidian nodes have been added to lava areas in the south of Siptah.
  • There is now a POI for the watch-tower southwest of the Tower of Siptah.


  • Slightly adjusted the Bloodless Husk’s walking speed to better match its legs animation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the character to occasionally play the running animation while in Admin flight mode.
  • New weapon animation set created for Katanas! This weapon now features two combo chains instead of just one.
  • In addition to this, we’ve also created new idle animations and poses when wielding a katana!
  • New weapon animation set created for Great Axes!
    • Some select Great Axes will still use the previous animation set: Voidforge Greataxe, Trollbane, Ripping Great Axe, The Beak, Scythe of Thag. (Edit 2021/07/08 2:30PM CEST: Removed Scythe of Thag from the list, as it will be using the new animation set)
  • New weapon animation set created for dual claw and dual punching dagger weapons! This weapon features high speed and ferocious strikes for light attacks, slow rending strikes with heavy attacks, and a new leaping special attack!
  • Smoothed out the transition from movement to idle while having a weapon out.
  • Improved the “look at system” for human characters. For player characters, this is disabled while in combat or emoting. Thralls and other players should now stare at your soul in a more immersive way.
  • Updated the taskmasters in the Wheel of Pain with standing animations, plus idle variations. This replaces the previous kneeling pose they were using.
  • Additionally, relocated the taskmaster in the Greater Wheel of Pain to be on the ground instead of the top of the wheel.


  • Our #spellchekker team completed the invaluable task of fixing a bunch of typos. They are the true heroes. At least the two of them that survived, that is. #stillhiring
  • Weapons that remove attribute buffs from enemies are now keyworded as “Plundering”, since “Cleansing” was too confusing.
  • Fixed subtitles in one of the Siptah vaults as they transitioned too fast to be readable.
  • Voidforged Dragon armor is now sorted under the proper feat (Library of Esoteric Knowledge) rather than under armor.
  • Fixed an issue regarding weapon coating buff icons not disappearing from the shortcut bar when they expire.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spawn NPC list in the Admin Panel would not display the last line properly.
  • Friend list and server transfer options are now grayed out in character creation.
  • Fixed an issue where “Give” and “Give all” buttons weren’t appearing for controllers when interacting with a delving bench.
  • Control hint for lock-on during combat when using an Xbox controller should now show the correct input, rather than the input for sprinting.
  • The correct icon for the Cimmerian Fur Harness is now used (no longer shows non-existant fur on the icon).
  • Fixed an issue where Khayne’s Leggings and Khayne’s Bracers had their icons switched.
  • Fixed inventory slot selection not working in a specific case when using mouse and keyboard.
  • Reworded a misleading journey step to be control-method agnostic.
  • Fixed the short description of Blood-Sac as it contained misleading information.
  • Fixed an issue where the names of two Stormglass building pieces were swapped (Stormglass Vaulted Ceiling Corner and Stormglass Vaulted Ceiling Inverted Corner (single)).
  • Renamed “Move Head” hint to “Rotate Camera” to be more accurate in the character recustomization menu.
  • Increased maximum vertical FOV to 105 (horizontal 120).
  • Added thumbnail icons for a number of items that were missing them.
  • Removed a number of unused dev-icons from the UI folder.
  • Added “Allow family shared accounts” setting to the settings menu.
  • Reworded the “Cannot mount inside dungeons” error prompt to a more generic “Cannot mount here”.
  • Fixed a significant number of UI inconsistencies, bugs and grievances when playing with a controller.
  • Removed placeholder text from a certain feat teacher.
  • Fixed an issue in certain localizations where Character Copy was not intuitive due to misleading prompts.


  • Added new sounds to match the new weapon animations.
  • Added new drowning sounds.
  • Added new sounds when picking up baby animals. Squeee.


We will update this section with any changes and fixes released during the Testlive period.

2021/07/08 2:30PM CEST

  • Removed Scythe of Thag from the list of weapons keeping the old moveset, as it will be using the new animation set for Great Axes.

2021/06/25 10:30AM CEST

  • We’ve brought back the two surviving #spellchekkers to fix a number of silly typos in the patchnotes. One of them is now missing.

  • We’ve also addressed the angry calls from the Rabbit Kingdom, and to avoid a diplomatic incident of Antiochian scale, we’ve updated their well-earned taxonomy to something past the silent-cinema era.


Currently Known Issues

  • Lens flare and bloom are blown out while using high quality graphical levels.



  • Blocked the ability to toggle between first and third person camera perspectives while attacking.


  • New weapon recipes added:
    • Steel Short Sword available at level 31
    • Hardened Steel Short Sword available at level 55
    • Steel Great Axe available at level 32
    • Hardened Steel Great Axe available at level 56
  • Added new weapon archetype: Dual Axes! Havok and Malice and Whirlwind blades are now labelled as dual axes.
  • Idle thralls and NPCs will now also show sheathed weapons.


  • Ingredients should now properly indicate whether or not you have the resources to craft enough of that ingredient to make at least one of the main recipes, even if you cannot actually craft any of that main recipe because you are lacking other ingredients.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting food would produce Putrid Meat. #chefkiss


  • Archers should no longer walk backwards ignoring terrain features, as there can only be one king of moonwalking.
  • Mounts should now have the strength of will to exit deep bodies of water. Crom be blessed.
  • Archers should now use the bow more reliably.


  • Fixed a number of issues where the purge could target objectives protected by blocking volumes.


  • Tweaked stats of Havoc and Malice and Whirlwind Blades to match their new animation set.
  • Increased reach of first light and first heavy attacks of the new 2h Axe.
  • Increased reach of the first light attack of the new Claws.
  • Increased reach of first light and first heavy attacks of the new Katana.
  • Started a retiming pass on the new Katana attacks. Currently only 1st light and 1st and 2nd heavy attacks have been adjusted. The rest are being worked on so expect some inconsistencies on the speed of the strikes along each chain.
  • Reduced the base duration of bleed effects to 8s (down from 20s). This should allow bleed effects to be shed easily in PvP while still allowing for the same damage potential in PvE as long as the effect is maintained.
  • Bleed effects applied by special weapons will no longer stack with bleed effects from combos and will no longer stack up multiple times.
  • Added bleed to dual axe sprint attack.
  • Reverted damage boost to 2h hammers introduced in the initial 2.5 release.


  • Fixed an issue in regard to recently equipped off-hand weapons and tools not appearing sheathed on the Player’s Character.
  • Fixed several issues in regard to sheathed weapons clipping through the body and generally sheathing incorrectly.
  • Radium torches are now glowing as intended.
  • Globe of Yezud spiders now have updated blood textures, fueling your nightmares with more detail and grit than ever before. You’re welcome.
  • Journey steps should now be transferred correctly when using Character Copy.
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters in names would not be transferred correctly when using Character Copy.
  • Okay, now for real: Potions now expire when placed in a pet or mount’s inventory.
  • Addressed some Grey Ones weapon models facing the wrong way.
  • FOV slider will be enabled on consoles with this release.
  • Rearranged game assets internally to address broken dependencies.
  • Existing Exceptional and Flawless items in old saves and databases will now be converted to base equivalents.
  • Fixed an issue where not all camps on Siptah triggered the “Find Civilization” journey step.
  • Fixed an issue where sheathed weapons would disappear when punching.


  • Fixed an issue with the mesh within the Den of the Wolf Brothers.


  • Character pose should now go back to normal after breaking a torch.
  • Havoc and Malice and Whirlwind Blades now use animations that are more appropriate for their dual axe visuals.
  • Added new sheathing animations for dual axes.
  • Updated movement animations for the new katana to match the idle stance better.
  • Added a new katana sprinting animation for female characters.


  • Fixed an issue where the Mods Mismatch screen would not accept inputs coming from a controller.
  • Disabled Character Copy option from the menu while under Character Creation.
  • Removed unused dye slots in the Silent Legion Medium Helmet.
  • Added new icons for dual wielding weapons.


  • VO volume during character creation is now tied to Voice volume.
  • Added new audio effects for the new weapon archetype.


New 2.5c update is now out!

Currently Known Issues

  • First person camera clips into player’s character hands while Katana weapon is equipped.
  • Bone Claws and Hardened Steel Punching Daggers cannot be dismantled.


  • Zath coming to Siptah. The religion teaching item for Zath will now drop during surges from T3 and T4 Zath priests on the Isle of Siptah.
  • Added Heirs of the North banner-feat teacher.


  • Fixed an issue that caused high-tier religious items to crash the game or make it unresponsive when selected in crafting queue.
  • Server restarts should no longer destroy previously stable building pieces.


  • Small animal pen should now only show one available spot for animals.
  • DLC-skinned pets will not eat or produce items in pen.
  • Some crafting changes have been implemented in this version. Items already on the crafting queue will now be considered as available resources when crafting.
  • Fixed a few issues with the Barachan Reiver set:
    • Epic recipes for Barachan Reiver set can now be found under exile epics feat.
    • Barachan Reiver set now requires heavy padding as a crafting material.
    • Grade level of a non-epic Barachan Reiver set items should now be consistent with other DLC items.
  • Following items can now be dismantled:
    • Iron Punching Daggers
    • Steel Punching Daggers
    • Two-Handed Steel Great Axe
    • Two-Handed Hardened Steel Great Axe
    • Steel Short Sword
    • Hardened Steel Short Sword
  • Fixed an issue with Zath clothing items. Items cannot be dismantled anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t apply mod kits to new Claw weapons.


  • Increased reach of the first heavy attack of the new Claws.
  • Completed retiming pass of the new Katana Attacks and added a new finisher for the heavy chain.
  • Changed Katana sprint attack to a quicker strike that should be easier to use without flying past your target.


  • Improved thrall pathing. Thralls should no longer get stuck on objects around the map as easily.
  • Followers will now follow the player through gates.
  • Thralls are now able to retrieve shield from the inventory and use fists and shield combination during combat.
  • Thralls are no longer missing from crafting stations after updating a build to a newer version.
  • Well of Skelos boss encounter will now spawn the Degenerate.
  • Fixed an issue with the bosses in Midnight Grove dungeon that did not spawn correctly in singleplayer.


  • Destination map drop-down is now auto-selected for non-English clients.
  • Performance mode now available in Settings menu.
  • Thrall damage to NPCs multiplier GUI settings is now admin locked.


  • Fixed an issue that occurred with unblocked players. These should no longer appear as muted in co-op.
  • Wartorn Rhino feat can now be learned correctly.
  • Fixed issue with healing wraps that did not unequip weapons when used.
  • “Thrall Damage to NPCs Multiplier” value is now saved after leaving server settings options.
  • Updated mesh and icons for dagger weapons which did not sheathe properly.
  • Fixed an issue with sheathed weapons that replicated to other clients.
  • Disabling show Sheathed weapons will no longer cause weapons to always remain in-hand.
  • The effect from equipped weapons is now removed when the weapon is unequipped.
  • Player can now apply upgrade kits to items after their template ID has been updated.
  • Items can now be equipped after updating their template ID.
  • Fixed Maelstrom spawning. Maelstrom should now appear even after changing settings for maximum number of online players or its time restrictions.


  • Black Corsairs camp’s environment has been properly restored.
  • Vulture’s nest located above Rhinohorn Ridge no longer floats in midair.
  • Bases can no longer be build in a space between the Gate of the Moon and the rocks.


  • Animation of bow’s light attack will no longer reset and miss any frames if next attacks are executed moment after releasing the arrow.
  • Special attack for katana now has appropriate VFX.


  • Female Desperate voice no longer has old drowning sound.