Testlive Update 2.5 - Discussion thread

I just want to say that the patch notes look great. Keep the good work up!

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@Ignasi, you closed the following thread stating, “You can discuss Testlive patches on its respective section, hopefully with more elaborate insights.

  1. How could I possibly further elaborate on the current Thrall issues on consoles more than the threads below?
  2. Descriptions, pics, vids and others players verifying the issues.
  3. The fact that these patch notes do not include anything that addresses these issues but instead, includes Thrall QOL additions and cosmetic Thrall fixes.
  4. Why would any of that matter when I can’t see my thralls as they’re under the mesh?
  5. I can’t place them, they float, get stuck on buildings, don’t return to guard position, always in attack stance, etc, etc. ← All of which ‘etc’ is documented below.

The lack of acknowledgement from your side of the fence is as insulting as it is frustrating.

Thralls not returning to guard position/getting stuck on buildings.

Must be placed on walkable floor.
Floating Thralls.
Getting stuck on buildings.
Killer Rhino Issues - Faceplant and contorting/floating in the air.

Losing Thralls Underground.

Random thralls don’t follow when teleporting (admin cheat) - Video.

And these are just my threads.


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Are we in a waiting mode for a new big patch? It’s been a few weeks for Testlive to be updated.


It’s summer holiday season in Scandinavia (though they’ve usually given heads up about this in the past). At least that’s my best guess.


Where? Who? Whaaat?

Hey everybody,

We just released a new Testlive patch. Patchnotes for 2.5c:


I don’t like this version (2.5c) yet.

  • Fatal Error popped up (it happened only once) on Siptah (singleplayer) after trying to create a new character in an existing save file game.
  • The opening movie of Siptach was invisible (subtitles and audio were present).
  • Weapons showed all the time on the backs of companions, regardless of the selected settings.

Maybe when I play a little, these errors will disappear…
If anything happens again I will definitely create a thread for it.

  • FOV slider will be enabled on consoles with this release.

Impossibru! How this will affect the performance?

After a long examination:

  • Fatal error reappeared when the character died (on Siptah only), but I am not able to pinpoint the exact reasons for this yet.
  • The opening movie of Siptah didn’t fix itself - I’ll make a new thread about it [link] (everything seems fine in the Live version of the game).
  • Regarding the weapons of companions, this is not an important bug. Changing the settings in the menu does not trigger changes for the NPC. You must individually take off their weapons for each of them or do any interaction to make them update.
  • I also noticed a few missing numbers - I will also do a separate thread about it [link].

This update could be one of the best updates for a long time - It has the potential:

  • Small pens, new weapons, animations and fixes.
  • The climb is so much better - not perfect, but definitely better.
    • The most difficult thing to climb is still one of the columns in Muriela’s Hope (on Exiled Lands), the one with the chest on top.
      • What is more strange, I also found there smoke coming from an invisible fire (next to the column, by the benches).
  • There are also new :star_struck: higher graphics settings (above Ultra) called “Cinematic” :eyes: !!!
  • The display of the weapons on the back and showing all of the health values :heart: is wonderful.

Never in my life I needed something so much and never known until I received it.


That is great news. But you are still forgetting someone. When will Crom be coming to the Isle of Siptah, and for that matter the Exiled Lands too? :mountain_snow: There should be a means to learn the Crom religion, without having to either select him at the character creation screen, or forever miss out. Furthermore, both myself and other members have requested that Crom worshippers be given an actuall means to destroy the artifacts (offerings) of other gods, citing the following illogical premise: why must the followers of a savage barbarian god pledge allegiance to another god just to be able to destroy the artifacts of a rival god…?. At the very least players ahould be able to put the artifacts/offerings of other gods through the Dismantling Bench; whether they return anything or not.

  • DLC-skinned pets will not eat or produce items in pen.

Er, that looks more like a bug, because until a pet is placed in the real world, you should be able to return it to the feeding pen for it to produce dung, stone, ironstone, gold/silver or ichor, right?

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I don’t understand what you are complaining about here.

I’m guessing they mean foundation spam. Nothing to do with the TestLive build.


Is it just me or is the bugged Yellow Lotus Potion still missing as a fix in the 2.5 update?

This has been dragging on for months. To be clear: I’m not going back to Siptah until this is fixed and my steam review will remain on “Not recommended” for as long as you guys at Funcom keep ignoring it. :rage:

Going back on your word and asking money for the expansion is one thing, but selling me a broken game that deletes my progress adds a whole new level of f***ed up, doesn’t it?

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What bug with yellow lotus potion?

It randomly deletes recipes from your feats.

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Thank you for your feedback. However, this is a thread to discuss the additions of the patch, let’s keep the forum organized to avoid loss of information.

Please submit a bug report by using the bug template and we will forward it to the team.

We appreciate everyone’s collaboration and feedback.


Please keep discussion on-topic to the latest Testlive build and constructive (e.g. objective points, and without insulting anyone). Cleaning up some replies. Thank you!


Guys, i have a strong suggestion for you to add a six in your new testlive patch. You updated thrall feeding system in a way last time you fixed it that it no becomes a nightmare to manage thralls and the stat growing foods that they’re supposed to “eat” to gain the 14% buff to a particular stat growth. they are no t doing it if on full health, they keep pulling food out of the thrall pot and storing it in their inventories, so now players have to go around and pick that food back and re-store it in the thrall feeding pot…its insanely frustrating and totally unneeded. THe way thrall feeding mechanics were beforehand was absolutely great and things could be fixed fast as they consumed a unit of food everytime it got put into their inv. as one would expect. If you can revert that change - bingo. and, just a suggestion, you don’t rip up the foundations of a house, AFTER you’ve built that house - bad things can happen. improve, don’t change core underlying mechanics. you’re creating more potential problems if you do that.


Not sure if this has been considered yet… Regarding the testlive patch notes for radium torches updates to accept any dye color, will the black dye be used as way to turn “off” the radium torches? If not, this is a suggestion :smile: