PC Update 34 (04.10.2018) - The Midnight Grove and Jhebbal Sag religion


Gather 'round everyone, for on this day, October 4th, we’re releasing the next update for Conan Exiles! Well, sort of.

We’re releasing half of the Pets Update, meaning you’re getting the Midnight Grove, the Jhebbal Sag religion and thrall hunger system. The pets system will be released at a later date and we’re currently aiming for next week.

The Midnight Grove & Jhebbal Sag Religion

The Midnight Grove is where you learn the Jhebbal sag religion path, the sixth and final religion in Conan Exiles. You have to traverse a labyrinthian maze, facing down many dangers along your path before you make it to the end and discover the final challenge: Jhebbal Sag’s champion.

Defeating the werewolf and consuming its flesh will give you the knowledge of Jhebbal Sag’s altars and religious items. Followers of Jhebbel Sag are all about controlling and hunting beasts. Special bloodletter knives allows them to extract blood from their victims and sacrifice it to their bloodthirsty master.

They are also able to craft special lures that attract animals and other beasts to wherever they’re thrown, making them deadly and implacable foes out in the wild. The magical Mark of Jhebbal Sag will offer any creature caught within it up as tribute to the Lord of Beasts. In return he may send one of his champions to see if you are still worthy.

Reaching the highest level of worship with Jhebbal Sag will grant you access to the deadly Claws of Jhebbal Sag. This devastating weapon allows you to truly tap into your inner beast and unleash furious swipes with razor sharp claws, much like like Jhebbal Sag’s champion.

Thrall Hunger

As part of this update we’re rolling out thrall hunger, which requires you to feed your thralls in order to keep them alive. The objective of this is to add nuance and flavor, not grinding, and we’ve gotten a lot of valuable feedback from our Testlive audience when tweaking the numbers. We feel we’ve arrived at a reasonable balance for this mechanic, but we always welcome more feedback.

  • You only need to feed thralls that have been placed out in the world (fighters and archers). Thralls at your workstations and altars have no inventory and won’t require feeding
  • The amount of time a companion can go on without eating, from fully fed to hungry, will be 7 days
  • Companions will be able to eat pretty much anything that’s even remotely edible
  • If you match thrall’s preferred diet, they will gain a bonus buff. This way, if you do care about the specifics of each companion type, you can get a temporary short-term advantage. You can still feed them whatever you want to prevent them from decaying. This also means you can buff your companions right before battle. A server setting (disabled by default) will allow you to make diet matching mandatory if that’s what you prefer
  • Food dispensers (Thrall Pot for thralls and Feedbox for pets) will push smaller amounts of food to each companion before moving onto the next companion. The net result of this is that all your companions will be more equally fed and you’ll need smaller amounts of food to reach them all
  • The Thrall Pot is unlocked when you make a Wheel of Pain. You craft it at the Carpenter’s Bench.
  • Food will decay very slowly when placed in food dispensers
  • There will be server options to enable/disable the feeding system separately for thralls and pets. There will also be server config parameters to adjust other aspects of the system, including if your companions should die when they are hungry or only be reduced in health. This means your server can adjust the system to a level of commitment/consequence that you want, including disabling it entirely

Known issues

  • We have been getting reports that some players with mods installed are experiencing crashes when placing thralls. Disabling nameplates will fix this.
  • Even if you disable thrall hunger, the hunger timer will still tick down. Your thralls won’t die once the timer runs out, but we know it can cause confusion
  • Character hitbox can sometimes bug out when you log out on top of a foundation. A server restart will take care of this

Server settings

Private server admins should be aware of the following:

  • StarvationDamagePenaltyCap=n where n is the percentage of maximum damage that a thrall can take if going hungry for 7 ingame days
  • StarvationDamagePenaltyCap=0.0000 would mean taking max 0% damage over time
  • StarvationDamagePenaltyCap=1.0000 would mean taking max 100% damage over time and potentially killing the thralls



  • New Dungeon: The Midnight Grove
  • New offhand combat mechanics
  • New Specialist Arrows: Light Arrows, Tar Arrows, Poison Arrows, Ivory Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Healing Arrows
  • New thrall hunger mechanics


  • Fixed a bug that would cause thrall health to reset to 100 HP
  • Thralls have now 50% increased health. That is to bring them in line with some of the greater pets and also make it more interesting to take a thrall out for exploration/hunting
  • Entertainer Thralls now provide buffs after having been on follow mode
  • The Crocodile boss near the N’batu’s Pack is no longer stuck and attacks the player
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would stop aggroing after a player teleported several times.
  • Pets and Thralls that get stuck will now teleport back to the location they were deployed.


  • Optimized database cleaning to remove inactive clans
  • Better randomization for Purge spawn options
  • Distracted Purgers will no longer get sidetracked by random Points of Interest.
  • Set initial purge countdown to 15 minutes


  • New Dungeon: The Midnight Grove
  • Added Werewolves
  • Added Nightvision Potion, allowing players to see more clearly when it’s dark
  • Added new offhand combat mechanics
  • Added new Specialist Arrows: Light Arrows, Tar Arrows, Poison Arrows, Ivory Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Healing Arrows
  • Thralls will now need to be fed in order to survive. Place food items into their inventory to feed them, or use the Thrall Pot to distribute food automatically. It will take a companion about 7 days to go from filled to starving
  • Added the option to visually remove text on signs made by people outside your guild. You will only see it if you click on it.
  • Added the option to visually remove text from all signs. You will only see it if you click on it.
  • Beehives now require Queen Bees to produce honey


  • Added new combat animations
    – The Sword/Axe/Mace and Shield heavy chain will now incorporate shield bashes
    – Throwing axes are now a part of your heavy chain combos when wielded with Swords, Axes and Maces
  • Added new attack to the Spider Tarantula Boss
  • Added new attack to the Crocodile Boss
  • New knockback setup and animations for monsters
  • New Rocknose animations
  • Added new idle and threat animations
  • Updated surface swimming to work with a glowstick


  • We have added the ability to use bait to force a specific result in fish traps. For example, if you want Unappetizing Fish, you can force that outcome with insects. Grubs will catch Exotic Fish. No bait means you get a random fish, which is the way they work in the Live servers.
  • Preservation box’s inventory space is increased. Food will not decay in them if there’s ice in the box
  • Beehives behave differently: They still collect honey over time, but Worker Bees and Queen Bees will produce a lot more honey than an empty beehive


  • Moved Sunder debuff to the right side of the nameplate, where it belongs
  • Darkened the opacity on the background panel for container inventories
  • Added button to the server list where players can report downed servers
  • Added coordinate grid to the in game Map
  • In-game Map can now be zoomed out further
  • The menu can now be accessed during Character Creation
  • Implemented a confirmation prompt upon exiting game from Dedicated server
  • The map navigation is no longer inverted when inverting the Y axis on a controller
  • The “Cycle Filter” button no longer becomes unresponsive when cycling through all filters
  • Solved an issue with password protected servers not being displayed properly
  • Fixed an issue where resetting Video settings to default wouldn’t apply changes to Windowed mode and resolution
  • Fixed an issue where the in game map would be cut off in 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratio


  • Vaults have now much lower hitpoints and will decay faster
  • Vaults max inventory size increased from 200 to 300
  • Glowing Standing Torch should now have the correct HP when placed down
  • Added more building and climbing blockers to areas where players aren’t supposed to build/climb:
    – The City of Votaries of Skelos
    – The Exiles’ camp between the Sandswept Ruins and Drifter’s Rest
    – NPC village in Deckswab’s Retreat
  • The Epic version of Conan’s Atlantean Sword is now more durable than its Mid Grade equivalent, as it should be
  • Fixed swapped ingredients for Ugly and Unapetizing Fish Tropies
  • Re-balanced armor bonuses to stats
  • Acheronian Longsword, Spear and War-Axe should no longer be more powerful than Star Metal equivalents
  • Fixed Corrupted Spiders so they’re not killed in one hit with Star Metal Greatsword
  • Avatar special attacks now damage buildings with the correct amount of damage. This is not a total fix for avatars as they are undergoing additional changes and updates as part of the siege system re-balancing. Set is still being difficult!


  • Fixed some bugs related to NPC patrols around camps
  • Bossonian Bow can be repaired again
  • Status effects, journey steps and crosshairs should now be temporarily removed when cinematics trigger
  • Fixed an animation bug where animals would turn away from you after attacking
  • Fixed a bug where the player character would clip through solid structures when re-logging after sitting in a chair
  • It should now be possible attach fence foundations corner-to-corner at a right angle
  • Fixed a bug where Reinforced Wooden Awnings couldn’t be placed
  • All sloped wall pieces now detract the same amount of stability
  • Aquilonian Braziers, Hanging Braziers and Khitan Lamps should no longer be placeable underground
  • Fixed a bug where the sound of footsteps in water would play when walking on the edge of the Large Water Well
  • Fixed Iron Brazier in Deathwhisper Camp so it doesn’t float anymore
  • Fixed a bug where low tier items would lose all durability after having damage kits applied to them
  • Fixed a bug where the Noxious Gas debuff would wear off, even when standing in gas
  • Hatch Frames now snap to walls, door frames and frame pieces
  • Statues of Refreshment can now be placed near any of Mitra’s religious buildings
  • Giant Snakes and Alpha Snakes should now drop Reptile Hides when harvested
  • You should now be able to harvest Crimson Lotus Flower with Sickles
  • Jungle Birds now drop heads
  • Glowing Sticks should now be usable underwater
  • Fixed a bug where the expiration timer on Purified Flesh would display a negative value
  • Players should now be able to place walls next to stairs
  • Fixed an issue where the Witch Queen could be engaged behind the magical barrier
  • Fixed a bug where gamepad and mouse would lose functionality after controlling an avatar
  • Ostrich egg clutches under ground in the middle of the desert are are now above-ground
  • Fixed an issue where placeables would disappear if the base of the item was slightly below-ground
  • Fixed a bug where you could override the corruption limit by drinking Corruption Brew
  • Fixed a bug where bedroll map marker would disappear after respawn
  • Helped a Shaleback out from inside a tree by moving his spawn point
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t do damage when jumping on another person’s head
  • Fixed a bug where the Palisades’ placement brush would give the “Spikes” debuff and cause lag issues
  • Fixed a bug where The Kinscourge would lose aggro if the player stands on a balustrade
  • Fixed an issue with re-binding the CTRL key
  • Fixed a bug where dismantling a Wheel of Pain would cause it to drop an unlootable loot bag
  • Fixed a bug where Star Metal Pickaxe cost 0 points to unlock
  • You should now be able to change fuel type with a controller
  • Avatar Lifetime option is no longer missing in a single-player game
  • Fixed an issue where the clan member sub-menu wouldn’t appear on a 4K monitor
  • Carpets should now disappear when foundations are destroyed
  • Fixed an exploit where players could push themselves under the map using ceilings and climbing
  • Fixed a bug where the UI would disappear for the host of a co-op session when a client summons an avatar
  • Corrected HealthPool l for Hyenas and Shoebills
  • Fixed an issue with wolves not using all their available attacks
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to refresh the server list
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to queue crafting processes
  • Fixed a tooltip issue when a player character is unarmed
  • Fixed an issue with Sandstorms damaging players in the Swamp Area
  • "Show your religious Zeal’ Journey Step now unlocks at Jhebbal Sag altars
  • The player can no longer climb into the model of the Palace of the Witch Queen
  • Fixed an issue where after unlocking a new arrow type, the arrows wouldn’t be used up when used from the radial/quickbar
  • Brought item requirements for building the Altar of Ymir in line with the other Altars
  • Fixed additional issues where the player could get stuck in terrain
  • Njoror Battleborn should now spawn as intended


  • Fixed an issue where thrall inventories could be exploited to carry more items than intended
  • Fixed a bug where Archer Thralls would produce infinite amount of special arrows.


  • Merchants now have names and are marked as “Merchant”, rather than “Fighter”
  • White placeholder icon for teleportation buff is now no longer visible
  • Various audio fixes
  • It should now be easier to place items on the Wall Hanging Shelf
  • Planters are no longer semi-indistructable when attacked with a trebuchet
  • Archpriests of Yog should now use the correct weapon rather than a Yog Cleaver
  • Removed the ability to apply Weapon Damage Kits to torches as it was causing bugs
  • Fixed missing collision on chests placed on the roof of The Well of Skelos
  • Items that are currently being used as ingredients in a crafting process will no longer be displayed as an available resource
  • Honey now stacks up to 100
  • Attempting to clan invite a player that is already in a clan will not trigger a popup with a warning
  • Fixed a bug where NPC’s hairline was not textured correctly (hairlines are important!)
  • Warpaints now also cover forearms
  • It is now possible to clear your Admin Password
  • Implemented SFX for highlighting Finalize Character in Character Creation


  • Added SFX for looting via the inventory preview
  • Fixed an SFX issue on the difficulty screen
  • Added SFX to Reset Attribute button


  • Reduced the size of the button to open the log folder, allows the log window to be larger
  • Added a button to open the folder containing the ini files
  • Added a button to copy the mac/hardware address to the clipboard (useful when trying to do port forwarding on a web interface)
  • Added a combo selector for the server region
  • Added an edit field for the maximum number of players allowed on the server
  • Added a check: If settings have changed, the launcher will ask to confirm about losing changes when starting the server
  • Added a startup check: If we find a running server process that happens to not be the one in our sub-folder, display a message and quit
  • Changed the deployment/update/starting/stopping sequence to make it easier to know what is happening (icon changes and messages in the status bar)
  • Added support for switching between the Live and TestLive branch
  • The revision and snapshot information is now extracted from the Dreamworld DLL and displayed in the UI
  • Removed the tray icon
  • Added an option to force validate the server installation

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Please increase Njoror Battleborn spawn rate
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PC Patch Archive

Good decision to keep some parts back for an other week to get everything ironed out. Slow is save but save is fast.

Many thanks for this free Upgrade Funcom!




Totally down with the idea to release it in two parts. Better to release something in a “working state” with a few bugs(bc let’s be real, there will always be bugs with any game or updates) than to release it earlier completely broken. I have only one complaint/request…when, if ever, am I going to be able to get the snow dragon head…I NEED it on my wall. That being said, keep up the good work everybody!!! Love the game.


Any word on putting no build zones for people that spam underwater?

Any word on adding pvp for fighting underwater because the new thing to do is jump into the water when in combat so you cant take damage?


You can use javelins as weapons under water. Or do you mean that water completely negates any damage you take?


Javelins are 100% useless when fighting in water. Funcom needs to re add the normal combat for underwater fighting. Bring back the sword swing animation for example, that we used to have for fighting…or the axe swing. There is no reason not to be able to fight underwater.


I’ll ask again: are they just not doing damage underwater? You say they’re useless, but I’d like to know exactly what that means.


Sorry, no they do damage, but the amount is too small. Considering how you lose stamina while just sitting in water, you have limited attacks while in water. Unless you run an extremely high amount of grit, you cant fight long enough in the water to hurt anyone, since you can heal, or eat to regen health.

Edit: Make javelins do a 1 hit kill underwater to solve this.


Thanks for giving me some more details :slight_smile: Swimming drains stamina because it used to be that a player could run into the water and, while swimming, replenish their stamina. But it’s obviously having some effects on PvP that we didn’t foresee.

I’ve told our lead designer, Oscar, about the issue and he agreed that it was something we need to take a look at.


Any info on when Devkit is updated so mods can be fixed? :slight_smile:


As soon as possible.


This sounds like a good patch, any sort of ETA on the console patch? If only my laptop didn’t suffer heat stroke every time I tried to run this game (on lowest settings…)


Thanks for passing it on. Next up is the no build zones in water!



As soon as they pass certification we’ll release the console patches.

Patch 34 - for the Xbox?

From a quick glance at the patch:

No Thralls Lost
No Items Lost
No Buildings Lost
Thralls start full health (Finally!)

Kudos! Seems like a good patch. :slight_smile:

Only complaint I have so far is the huge amount of lag/freezes I’m getting with this new patch.


When/under which circumstances are these freezes happening?


I’m still in my base which is heavily decorated. Before patch, it would freeze for a couple seconds the first time I loaded the game, then never again. Now, I was freezing when I opened the map, open event log, open chests, enter new rooms and so on.

I’d give it a couple hours first, just in case it has to do with the server restart or something. After I visited every room, the freezing stopped. I’m guessing the loading of building parts is not in this patch?


Any idea where these so called thrall pots are to fill up with food? Cant seem to find in feats or hand crafted. Also server I play on seems mega laggy and now its finally gone off line. PVE-C 1040. Ok server is back up. But still very laggy. Probably as theres so many massive bases every where :smiley: