Testlive Update 2.5 - Discussion thread

Interesting @Dana you have a fix?

It’s not a disadvantage when everyone has this option. It’s only bad for those who like to run away and hide.

Ohhhhh! You just fixed SANDSTORM BUG after all this years???
Maybe there’s actually hope for this game!

Love feature to display weapons on back etc!

Just reinstalled windows 10 (clean), installed game and same thing. Still cant play on siptah map. I needed to reinstall windows 10 anyway and since I cant play the game, I thought I would try it. dam!

It’s because a shader (or multiple?) is missing from the game files, because the game build was not cooked (compiled) correctly. I have the same error when I try to start the Siptah map.

If i approach someones base quietly to sneak around to scout a raid, they shouldnt just get wall hacks to see where i am and how much hp i have.


:see_no_evil: Now I get it, I thought it was after attacks. Stealth is important, but once the fight starts the bars must remain active for a distance. (or throw smoke bomb and hide the bar)

This is more of Feedback then anything but can you guys update the original download of the game to the updated files so we don’t have to basically download the game twice… kinda kills my net a bit and takes forever…

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New update is out:

Please use this thread to discuss and share feedback about Update 2.5b on Testlive.


We’re also trying out a new tag type on the Testlive category. You may notice a “Known-issue” tag with more visible styling, and it might change a little as we tinker with the feature.

This tag can only be added by devs, and can be added to topics to mark them as acknowledged by devs, but not necessarily responded to in the thread.

Please pardon our dust!


Whew… now all i want is a option to change the appearance of my armor ^^’

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FYI, latest update fixed this. I can now play siptah map.

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Not gonna lie, I kinda hate the “sheathed” shortsword location:

Why would you not wear a sword that size on your hip?


no biggie, feel like the sheathed katana position should be a bit higher tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Shortsword placement doesn’t bother me, used to seeing them on characters backs courtesy of Skyrim mods for the last decade. Has that ridiculous yellow lotus potion bug been squashed in testlive?

Hey everybody,

We added a new edit to the 2.5a changelog:

Also, we’ve made the notes prettier by adding some banners at the top. :slight_smile:


Short swords are still better in a way, than hudge long-swords sheated that way.

Make a trial, sheat a big long 2hander on your back, the draw it quick in rl. :rofl:
It’'s anyway a game thingy.

‘known-issue’ tag has been replaced with “Report-Received” and will be used for the same purposes (to mark bug reports we’ve seen and reported to devs but not necessarily left a dev reply on)


there is some problem with showed hp bars with this setting. with a lot of targets we can see only some hp bars. and they change all time.

also plz add 2 QOL features

  1. showed hp bar scale (cuz its hard to see target if there is 2-3 in same place and unreal if more)
    especially if u play bow

  2. enable target hp bar autoscale on range
    (now it is good on close range but on range its hard too see target)


and plz fix invisible rolls after knock down