Thralls not returning to guard position and getting stuck on the side of my buildings, rly?

After 2.4 update on XBSX, performance is good so far, no frame stuttering.
I’m in the north west of the map, under near constant attack, thralls DO NOT return to guard position.
They also get stuck on the side of my buildings. :confused:

Thralls never returned properly when called. stock in a rock, unable to walk up/down stairs w/ open doors. Supposedly the snap back and pathing was fixed, and maybe for the first hour playing i was out in the open & it seemed ok. once you get around structures, all bets off.

i love the new mob skins and textures . huge improvement there, now if the rest of the game caught up from an improvement standpoint it would be great!

Regular Xbox one is fine but given recent post the xbsx is have quite a few issues

Hello everyone and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve passed this information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.
In the meantime, if you can send us a video of how the thralls move that will be of great help to the team.

Thanks Dana! But there’s more… :confused:

  1. Thralls are still standing with weapons out in attack stance when guarding. They have nothing in their inventory so they could put the dang things away. Please modify your NetFlix and chill routine. :wink:

  2. I wiped/started over after the update. Thralls getting stuck on buildings was happening on my old base so I can’t take vids. Just imagine a building, then imagine a thrall stuck to the very edge of a wall or fence, sorry. I’ll post if I run into it again.

  3. I was elated, when I started a new game, spawned a thrall and found I could place thralls anywhere without the error ‘thralls must be placed…’ msg! Then, as I moved west from a small island, I found areas I could not place a thrall anywhere.

Then again, north west from the above.

  1. And thralls do return ‘home’ to guard position unless they engage another enemy farther from the base.
    E.g. Thrall is set to attack all, attacks an enemy about 15 blocks from base. Thrall engages another enemy about 10+ blocks farther away, thrall does not return.


Entering villages to attack them, the slave remains immobile without attacking, it must be kicked to make it attack again. Conan exiles.

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