Thralls Don't return to guard stations after a fight

I have to keep repositioning my thralls. Each battle causes them to move from their original place and then they remain in the place where they completed the kill.

Testlive dedicated server PC.


This thing is happening on live Servers for quite a long time now. Made a thread about it a Couple months ago, as my thralls would just “Combo move” from animal to animal. It is enough for me to be near their render range and you can see them starting to wander off.

At the Moment i have all thralls on passive while i am online and on attack everything when i am offline. Sometimes this does not help if other players come in render range of the thralls.

Weird bug and sometimes nasty. Why Nasty ?thralls that i have placed in Base defending duty(G8) and camed back to find them wonder around the watchtowers around the middle tower in Siptah. I do not know if other players kited animals to them or how they end up so far from the original Defending Position.

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This is really annoying, I have had thralls on guard shift about 100m away and take up new guard positions.

Even when my guards return to post after a fight, it really looks great riding up to my base and being greeted by a dozen guards with their backs turned to me.

Fixes needed:

  1. Followers should always return to their post after a fight or anything that moves them away
  2. Followers should remember what direction they were facing
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  1. Followers need to also stand at ease when the battle is over. Listening to bows creaking around me is annoying, when I just want to hear the beautiful forest sounds after a stressful battle.
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Let’s have them First follow the player correctly without Getting stucked in everything :stuck_out_tongue:

I Think this issue should have prio before fixing the guarding issue. At least with guarding , you can set them to passive and chase distance on lowest if you still do not want them on passive.

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