Question regarding Thralls

Hello Everybody,

i seem to run into the same problem with my bodyguard Thralls over and over again and i try to find out where my mistake is.

I make one follow me and he fights for me just fine - sometimes this works several days without any hassle. But every now and then i log in and my Thrall has gone missing and is nowhere to be found - he was with me when i logged out but is now suddenly gone.

This really starts to annoy me as i always loose a good set of Epic Armor and some decent sword. (not to speak of the T4 Fighter)

Where could be my problem there please?

I play on PC - Official Server - PVE.

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First check the Event log to see if this helps you figure out what happens to them.
You can set the distance to 10 000 units and this covers a lot of the map.

The event log will tell you if the thrall has been killed and what killed him.

It will also tell you if he “returned home”. What this means is when you place a thrall in the world the game sets that location as his “home”. This is where he will path back to if he runs out to fight something or if he loses track of you when he is following you … or you die and do not go back to him to tell him to follow you again. Also where he will eventually go back to if you log out with him on follow.
To change their “home” location you use the “guard” command in the interface to place them where you want their new home to be. So if you were out with him and you told him to stop following then he should eventually path back to the last place you set him down to guard. If you put him down using the Guard feature somewhere in the world but then told him to follow you and didn’t set a new Guard spot next to you when you logged off then he would have pathed back to the last Guard position whilst you were offline.

If you return to a base to log out with a thrall pot then you can look in there to see if the thrall is in range of the pot. Sometimes they fall inside into the foundations and get stuck there.


Thank you for your reply - i will try to see tonight if this solves this problem :slight_smile:

Until you have solved it I suggest you
a) log out inside a temperature neutral base (so You don’t die)
b) ensure you have used the command “guard” to lift him up and put him on the ground next to you … that you see the message on the screen that he’s no longer following you.
c) strip him of everything he’s holding and store it in a chest


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