Disappearing Thrall


I have/had a Lian thrall with amazing specs. I last saw him when I got killed. There is no record of him being killed in the logs but he doesn’t show up on my followers list anymore. Anyone have any ideas what may have happened?

Go into event log and set distance to max. If there’s nothing there it doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t killed but it’s a start. If your getting your follower list from your thrall pot that will only display thralls within a certain range. Can you remember where you last placed your thrall to guard? When you die they go into scout mode. If not collected in time they will go the last place you placed them.

Well if he’s not in the follow tab, he’s toast.

That’s why I asked if he was looking at the thrall pot. If it’s not listed there it could be out of range. If it’s not on the followers tab than yes he’s gone to Crom. Big f :disappointed:

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